Alessio Coghetto (alex) Liverpool uk


works in villa romana wood street liverpool. Love bombs to lul you into a false sense of security. “Let’s talk about our feelings…I think I have more feelings than you…” dude I met you four hours ago!

Told me “when you are with me you will do as you are told” multiple times and “don’t wear your boots when you are with me because they make you taller than me”. Refuses to apologise for this behaviour. Refuses to accept this is aggressive. Clearly has self esteem issues and no confidence.

Extremely possessive and jealous of other men even when they were just freinds despite f*****g multiple girls without a condom all over the city and probably beyond.

Spreads sexually transmitted infections because he doesn’t use a condom “I never use a condom”. Once I told him no, no s*x without a condom. He tried to force it in me anyway and I stopped him with my knees.

Can’t find the c******s with a map and literal directions.

Gets VERY defensive and angry when confronted with his behaviour.

Lies about everything. Even down to working out. When I first met him
He told me he worked out. Weeks later said he didn’t. Which is it.

Suffers from erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I think this is were the anger comes from. He knows he’ll never be good enough.

Co-dependant-clings when on a night out. Wouldn’t put me down for a second asked him what he though was gonna happen “hoards of men won’t swarm on me if you put me down for a min you know”. Segregated me over in a corner from my freinds when out. Wanted me all to himself whilst Lieing and f*****g anything that moves.

Loves drugs-weed, speed, coke you name it. Might be why his p***s doesn’t work.

Fairly certain he was lacing my drinks with drugs. Completely forgot entire nights. Complete blank. Can’t remember having s*x with him. Took advantage. I NEVER forget nights out.

Once woke up with blood all over my house and some stuff was broken. Looked like a fight scene! No idea were it all came from. Complete blank.

Right swipes everyone on tinder. Will f**k anyone who lets him. It’s a matter of time before he gets someone pregnant and or his diseased c**k falls off.

Beware the man child

“I won’t apologise I don’t care”

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  1. Me
    April 23, 2018 at 8:08 am (8 months ago)

    Forgot to add he fingered me in my sleep then had s*x with me.


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