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Vincent Armando Miami Florida

Vincent is such a psycho. He claims he’s gay but then he goes out with like 20 women a week and posts all over Facebook about how much he loves beach girls. Dude has been in the closet for like 19 years. He refuses to just be openly gay and so he cheats with girls. I wasted so much time dating him I don’t know why. Vincent plays kind games. First he’s hot then he’s cold then you’re off his Snapchat. My heart is in pieces.

Harry Yurma London England

I dated Harry for nine years. He refused to propose marriage to me and kept delaying and using stalling tactics. I gave him my best years. I regret every second that I met him. He seems like such a nice British guy but he’s not. He’s a heartbreaker and ice cold in personality.

Eric Gymendo Sydney Australia

Eric is such a tool. He cheated on me with my best friend Amanda. I didn’t know he was such a jerk when I met him. He bought me flowers bc he said I was his soulmate. Little did I know the extent of his philandering

Sam Fitzpatrick, New Orleans, LA

Sam is such a horrible guy. He smooth talked me into dating him but I had no idea he was MARRIED with CHILDREN. He has SIX kids but he wears no wedding ring and engages in no talk after 8 pm. All of his lies have started adding up and I hate him so much.

Misha Kaura, United States

Originally Manisha Shelley Kaura from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, now going by the name Misha Kaura, this woman takes cheating, fraud and deception to a whole new and (if you are not involved) hilarious level. She tends to lurk around on online dating apps waiting to snare her next victim. Misha Kaura’s generally ploy is to elicit sympathy with tall tales of a sad childhood, all the world being mean to her and perennial hypochondria.
Misha Kaura developed an infatuation with a young Australian man she had read about online who had been found guilty of rape, started stalking and harassing him online, actually travelled to Australia to try and track him down, moved into the college next door to his and even repeatedly tried to launch herself at him in undergraduate bars. The young gentleman rapist however, was not interested, and after months of stalking and harassment threatened Misha Kaura with police action. Now if a confirmed rapist is threatening YOU with calling the cops, and wants to keep YOU at a safe distance, YOU have to wonder what is going on.
Whilst all this was going on Misha Kaura actually was in a relationship with another guy she had more successfully stalked online. Misha Kaura had managed to dupe him with her sad story when one of her plastic surgery adventures went wrong. She had a long history under the plastic surgeon’s knife but this time things did not go according to plan. Misha Kaura tried to spin a story about the plastic surgeon doing completely the wrong operation on her face, that she was suicidal and her life was on the line, and even started impersonating another doctor in order to lure her victim into taking care of her. Needless to say her threats of legal action against the plastic surgeon did not amount to much; the surgeon in question called her “delusional” and he did not hear much from her again.
By this stage Misha Kaura was stalking the young gentleman rapist, in a relationship with the guy she had conned into tending to her health, and had also cheated her way into the University of Sydney by mysteriously disappearing academic transcripts and writing bogus academic transcripts. Whilst at the university she continued her long history of “contract cheating” from her days at the University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins, University Chicago, Georgetown etc where she had flunked out and been slapped with ethics violations and spent her nights in city bars cheating on her partner. The cheating just never stops in every aspect of life for Misha Kaura. In the end it would be best to follow the young rapist’s example and just keep Misha Kaura at a safe distance!

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