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Kevin Christopher Poe and Johna Richelle Lehn Poe

This is Kevin Poe and his saddlebags wife Johna Lehn Poe. First, let me tell you about Kevin. He is a recovering alcoholic who is now some civil rights activist. Yet, those who REALLY know Kevin know he used to sling the N word around and make fun of Mexicans like the best of them. He hates Donald Trump but Kevin is worse than him. But…if its part of your job and you have to work to save money for your wifes funbags I guess you’ll pretend to be anything. In his free time he enjoys failing at writing articles, posting screaming for attention on Facebook and motorboating his mothers t*****s. He also coaches (horribly) a girls softball team yet rumor on the streets is Kevin likes to take photos of little girls. Tons of them in his phone. It’s a scary thought considering he’s with young girls frequently and his wife teaches kindergarten at Windsor. Terrifying. Ever heard the saying, “if a kid says you’re an a*****e you’re likely an a*****e?” Well, many children would tell you Kevin is an a*****e. He likes to try and scare people or send others to fight his battles but everyone knows the TRUE Kevin doesn’t even have a real dad. His real dad, his stepdad, his stepmom, and others of his family (yes even most children) can’t stand Kevin. He seems one way but get to know him after dark and you’ll see a different side. We all know Kevin is not as scary as he wishes to appear. He is an old middle aged man who has too much testosterone build up from not being able to get his rocks off anymore because his elderly mother lives in Farmington now. Sooo Kevin…are you with Johna for the photos of little kids? Or with Johna cuz her saggy tittaaays remind you of your elderly mother? Hmmm..which is it? Did Johna save your name from your DWI? Hmm…

KMFP out bwahaha.

Nicole Ceranna of Oracle in Denver CO is a wild cougar on the prowl WebActivism

Nicole Ceranna of Oracle is a h***y cougar on the prowl in Denver Colorado. OMG, Nicole Ceranna is a 58 year-old cougar yet she routinely picks up and hooks up with boys much less than half her age! Nicole Ceranna meets these youngins at bars around the Denver area. Now I take no issue with with Nicole Ceranna wanting some young pee-pee but I balk at how she portrays herself as a “vibrant 23 year old”. LOL! Oh, puhleeessse! Who will believe Nicole Ceranna is 23?!?! LMAO!!! Nicole Ceranna works at Oracle and she went to high-school with my mom. Ewwww! Gross. Nicole Ceranna needs to be exposed for what she does just to get some fresh young meant pole kebobs! Yuck.

Talie Dang-Lu Has A Strong Tinder Game The Dirty WebActivism

I met Talie Dang-Lu from Los Angeles on Tinder thinking she would be up for hanging out perhaps leading to a meaningful relationship. She says she works at VMware. On our first face-to-face meeting, Talie Dang-Lu and I got fully intimate after which she demanded I pay her in cash, which was rather odd. On our second meeting, same thing but this time Talie Dang-Lu wanted me to pay her more money if I wanted to do it the raw and if I wanted to do a “Greek Style” backdoor entry. Foolishly enough, I did it without any protection for extra $$$. I had my male friend “meet Talie Dang-Lu on Tinder”, and guess what? Same thing! It is safe to say that Talie Dang-Lu uses Tinder as an alternate to Seeking Arrangements while fooling hordes of men with the enticement of a relationship.

Academic Abuses! | NEH GRANT | Judy Genshaft Honors College | Dr. Catherine Wilkins

NEH GRANT | Judy Genshaft Honors College | Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ Actions say: When I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.” | Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses diminish the arts and medical humanities.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins:

Should a person that has a history of academic fraud and medical patient abuse be co-leading projects and NEH grants in medical humanities?


This is an academic liability and medical absurdity that Dr. Catherine Wilkins, who has:

Lied profusely on her résumés, other funding request applications, and to university professors and other persons,


Nearly help lead to the death of a cancer patient through neglect, abuse, obstruction, and lying about care-taking and paying medical bills in attempts to steal funds or gain employment and advancement for herself,

Is co-leading projects and grants in medical humanities.

The veracity and sincerity of many of Dr. Wilkins’ statements and actions, past and present, cannot be trusted.

— — — — — —
— — — — — —

Funded Projects Query Form

Grant number: AKB-265735-19


University of South Florida (Tampa, FL 33620-9951)
Benjamin Scott Young (Project Director: October 2018 to present)
Catherine Wilkins (Co Project Director: April 2019 to present)
Medical Humanities in a Global Context

Implementation of a new general education pathway in the Honors College that would integrate the humanities into the institution’s medical and global programs.

The Honors College at the University of South Florida proposes to develop ten new, and seven revised, interdisciplinary courses as part of a new program entitled “Medical Humanities in a Global Context.” These integrated interdisciplinary courses will offer students a pathway through the USF Honors College curriculum and aims to cultivate more critical, holistic, and experiential perspectives on health and human experience.

Project fields:
Interdisciplinary Studies, General

Humanities Connections Implementation Grants

Education Programs

Total amounts:
$98,483 (approved)
$90,726 (awarded)

Grant period:
5/1/2019 – 4/30/2022

— — — — — —
— — — — — —


Why do the actions of Dr. Catherine Wilkins matter?


When a medical patient goes to USF campus to report evidence of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ cheating and abuses, patient is instantly admonished by Dr. Wilkins’ arts professor. Dr. Wilkins engages in coverup and gaslighting to both the patient and USF, and continues various abuses on the patient. Dr. Wilkins for years does everything she can to prevent the patient reporting abuses.

Dr. Wilkins takes advantage of patient’s near-death and weakened state.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins then proceeds with her long career, now including community engagement programs such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art” with the Tampa Museum of Art and a patient-shadowing program with the Emergency Medicine division of Tampa General Hospital.

Also this year, Dr. Wilkins led an Honors course entitled “How to Make History.” This course is a collaboration with St. Petersburg Beach Public Library and the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is now the Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College.

Dr. Wilkins is also Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum for the Morsani College of Medicine.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins used and abused the patient’s near-death medical condition (and appropriated other life details) in fraudulent applications and statements in which Dr. Catherine Wilkins attempted to receive funding, credit, and false honor for medical bills she never paid and care-taking she never gave.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins also used these false claims of good deeds, sacrifice, and accomplishment to promote her entire career in the arts and its connection to medicine and mental health.

It is ironic that Dr. Catherine Wilkins abused and detrimentally traumatized a cancer patient’s mental health, and used the information she gained and the false statements she made to have a career where she teaches courses such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

The medical patient, fighting cancer and the effects of chemotherapy alone, did not know all of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ fraudulent uses of them and their near-death condition, but has tried to report her many times. Often the medical patient was too weak, or afraid the increased stress or time-and-energy-and-resource-consuming effort would kill them. Sometimes it nearly did.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ falsified and exaggerated applications for funding, and the related events, brings to light many issues and calls for many questions, among them:

Students, teachers, and professors may now say:

The “gloss” individuals put on themselves really works. Exaggeration and lies are effective.

Why can’t I cheat, exaggerate, and fabricate entire stories and actions on my scholarships, grants, or job applications? Dr. Wilkins did and got promoted many times.

Why can’t I cheat on my assignments or tests? Dr. Wilkins cheats.

Why can’t I invent positive deeds I never did? Dr. Wilkins invents.

Why do I actually have to do something, instead of just saying I did something?

Why can’t I take credit from others? Dr. Wilkins steals credit from what other people do.

Why do I have to report academic dishonesty or abuses? I can just say I filed a report, but not. I can even create fabricated evidence of filing a report, but not. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

If I am accused or about to be reported for academic cheating or abuses, I can just obfuscate, lie, coverup, and prevent the reporter or abused from informing authorities. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

It says it is okay to admonish the victim when trying to report academic dishonesty and abuse. (When a report could have been made earlier in person, Dr. Wilkins’ USF arts teacher at the time admonished the victim/medical patient and supported Dr. Wilkins.)

It says I can teach within the fields or related subjects that I committed my abuses. Dr. Wilkins does. (Dr. Wilkins should not be around medical patients.)

It says when an academic requests funding, they may lie and exaggerate on applications about their work, deeds, hardships, and expenses, and really go on vacations and personal trips to exotic locales for enjoyment.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ academic history; all of Dr. Wilkins’ scholarship applications, grant writing, written papers, her own recommendations from others, and her recommendations of or to others.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed knowledge or research.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed accomplishment.

It calls into question from those foundations and charities giving scholarships and grants, that Dr. Wilkins fabricates when requesting funding.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ professional relationships, especially those with superiors, and if any have turned personal or sexual in ways that are unethical, dishonorable, or unbecoming of the institutions of education. It calls into question Dr. Wilkins’ active or willing participation in any such affairs or their coverups.

It provides many negative examples of lacking personal and relationship integrity, not merely professional. Teachers are role models. Students seeing how Dr. Wilkins conducts a personal life of adultery and dishonesty have their personal relationship foundations eroded if they follow her real-life example. Personal integrity at home, is as important (if not more so) as professional integrity. Ultimately, all integrity is interconnected.

It says Machiavellian tactics are helpful and productive to the individual.

It tells society, foundations, and charities to be increasingly weary of financial scams involving cancer (or any medical need). This tells society to disregard requests to help those with cancer, as it may be fraudulent. This is an immense detriment to those truly suffering from cancer, who need lifesaving funds and support.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is an abused orphan. This tells society they may further abuse an orphan, use an orphan’s status for their own gain, and not actually care for an orphan; just say they cared for them as they are in reality further being abused, whether child or adult. This says society may appropriate and dishonestly use to advantage the status of a weaker person, to increase and benefit the status of a more well-off person.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a minority. This tells society that a Caucasian or race dominant in any society may continue to use, abuse, manipulate, disregard, steal from, gain from, appropriate from, and take advantage of a minority.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a cancer patient. This tells society that medical patients have no rights. Medical patients may be used for illicit gain, manipulated, and abused — even as it leads to more suffering, more health issues, magnified health issues, mental trauma, and even if it may lead to the patients’ death or near-death through neglect, abuse, delays, or obstruction. It says medical patients may be used for unlawful gain.

It tells society when I commit consensual adultery, I can appropriate “rape” as my cover story. This has endless negative consequences for real-life rape victims and victims of sexual harassment or assault, and their ability to report such abuse and be taken seriously. While adultery should never be committed, this also has negative consequences for the person engaging in consensual adultery and being accused of rape. While both are immoral, there is a difference.

The medical patient Dr. Wilkins uses in her fraudulent applications for funding and honor, is also a real-life multiple-incident rape survivor from childhood. Appropriating “rape” to defend oneself in committing consensual adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to in a related incident with David Brodosi, also of USF) is an atrocity to real-life rape survivors. Real-life rape victims suffer enough from the incident, and suffer enough from their struggle for justice. Rape should never be appropriated to excuse the guilt of adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to).

It says when I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.”

Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses may diminish the arts and humanities in the eyes of others. Artists already struggle for accreditation, funding, and respect.

It says honor at an Honors College is just a name, but not a reality.

It says one does not need true integrity, they just have to fake integrity. That integrity is superficial.


Cancer Funding Scams and Fraudulent Resumés

While a person under Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ supposed “care” was fighting cancer, Catherine Wilkins was neglecting and mentally abusing them until they nearly died, and Dr. Wilkins was trying to line her pockets with Cancer Funding Scams, Scholarship Scams, and career advancement with Fraudulent Resumés, when Dr. Catherine Wilkins was really taking vacations and committing rampant adultery with both men and women and a USF supervisor.

Nicole A Meyerson Chicago IL

Nicole Meyerson, a current part time DePaul MBA student, applied for a job at my company. She showed up late, insulted my secretary, humiliated one of my best staffers over her clothes, and then insulted me, the HR manager. Nicole has a huge ego, a horrible personality, and a major sense of entitlement despite lowly credentials from third rate schools. I do not want her on my team and I do not recommend her to any business owner seeking new hires. In my 46 years in Human Resources, I have never seen a marketing candidate as unprofessional and uncouth as Nicole A. Meyerson. Classic case of an aging high school bully past her prime.

David Brodosi: Link Between P*********y and Sexual Harassment | Nelson Poynter Library

David Brodosi: Sexual Harasser | Nelson Poynter Library

Is There a Link Between P*********y and Sexual Harassment?

Posted by Maria Gola

For Men, How to, P*********y Facts, Prevention, Recovery

The list of high-profile men being accused of sexual misconduct keeps getting longer and longer and it is starting to freak me out. It is one thing when it is the cliché slimy politicians who you assumed have been doing that kind of thing all along, but it’s another when it’s comedians you grew up watching, musicians whose songs you’ve rocked out to, or the creators of and actors in your favorite movies and tv shows.

I feel like Keith David’s character in They Live. It’s like Rowdy Roddy Piper is trying to get me to put on the sunglasses and I am willing to get the ever loving c**p kicked out of me to avoid putting on those things on, because I know when I do, I won’t be able to see things the same way ever again. It would be easy to ignore all of this and go about my business, but I cannot do that anymore.

There is a problem here, and I don’t know how to fix it. That scares me.

Not to oversimplify things too much, but to me, the problem is that women are too often seen as objects; things to possess to make a man feel better about himself.

Where does this objectification come from? Well, a lot of places. And I do mean a LOT. But we cannot ignore the fact that p*********y is one of the worst offenders.

This is not to say that p**n is the direct cause of all sexual harassment or violence.

It is one of many factors, but one that should not be ignored. When interviewed about her experiences, Elizabeth Smart said that p**n made her living h**l worse. While her traumatic experiences perpetrated by an extremely disturbed individual may have occurred regardless of p**n use, it intensified what was already going on and certainly didn’t help matters at all.

P**n Only Exists to Objectify

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think men are viewing explicit images with the intent of hating women. Not at all.

Objectification is, however, a byproduct of the p**n use.

Like many things on the internet, viewing p*********y provides a thin veil of unreality, where we see things without the emotional attachment of reality. This is the same thought behind internet trolls. We say things on the internet that we would never say to someone’s face because we don’t see them as real people. After repeated action, some of this bleeds into reality.

Not all at once, but bit by bit. We might say a disparaging comment to a coworker about his political opinion because we’ve said the same thing to strangers online multiple times. By applying that same logic, perhaps casual sexual harassment, whether it is catcalls, inappropriate touching, or even dirty jokes or stories becomes easier to stomach after repeated exposure to women as objects.

Most if not all internet p*********y is not art, nor does it possess any cultural value. Its sole purpose is to present an image that will lead to self-gratification. It often accomplishes this by catering to a man’s more base desires: dominance, power, selfishness, and sexual release, all at the expense of a woman.

Making the connection between repeated viewing of these images and the tendency to view women as objects seems obvious. There have been several studies highlighting the relationship between the two, but there are arguments to be had on both sides. While some believe that the connection between the two may be exaggerated, as stated above, it’s certainly not doing anything to erase the problem with objectification of women.

But there are things that can help.

Rediscovering Empathy

“How would you feel if someone did that to you?”

Do you remember hearing this line from your childhood? Even though most of us were taught from a young age to treat others in a way that we would want to be treated, it sometimes gets lost as adults. Empathy is the realization that other people have feelings just as real and deep as our own, and making an attempt at understanding them. Empathy is what fuels the connection between us.

Empathy is the direct opposite of objectification.

Having empathy and recognizing women as human beings shouldn’t be difficult. The harsh reality is that we have been surrounded by objectified women in popular media and p*********y our entire lives. We have been conditioned to see women as things to possess, symbols of wealth and status, and prizes to be won after an adventure.

Congrats on not getting knocked out! Here’s your Adrian!

Rocky didn’t even have to win to get his girl. What gives?

We see a slightly watered down version of this throughout popular media, but p*********y takes it up a notch.

Studies have shown that when observers are presented with a sexualized image of a woman in p*********y, she becomes less of a human and more of an object in the eyes of the observer.

Once more for those in the back:

Women are not objects.

Men are not objects.

We are people.

So how do we change this? How do we even begin to reject an idea that is being pressed upon us from every angle?

It’s not something that will change overnight, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Quick List of How to Treat Women as Friends Instead of Objects

Talk to Women: Sounds great. We like women. The caveat here is talking with them without expecting rewards of affection in return. Talk to them with the intent of understanding and developing friendships. I’m not advocating approaching strangers.

Don’t be creepy, please. Call your mom and ask her what she’s been up to lately. Ask your wife about the books she is reading. Strike up a conversation with your daughter about her favorite friends at school. Which brings us to the next, and arguably most important, item on our list.

Listen: If there’s one sure fire way to sow the seeds of empathy and connection, is through listening. Ask questions instead of offering advice.

Watch What You’re Watching: We’ve established that the media floods us with images and portrayal of objectified women. Start by simply recognizing that this is happening.

Begin to notice when women are being used as rewards or as tools to sell products. It’s time to put on the sunglasses, man.

Break up with P*********y: Easier than it sounds, I know. But thousands of other guys have done it. It’s not impossible. There are plenty of guides to help you through the process, including accountability software and replacing bad habits with good ones.

Maybe check out this article on quitting p**n by The Art of Manliness for additional tips.

Not all Jokes are Funny: Humor has changed a lot over the years. Certain movies I thought were hilarious as a kid are cringe-worthy to me now (*cough cough* Spaceballs *cough*). The same is true for joking around with friends and colleagues. Leave the juvenile locker room talk behind. Start to recognize that joking about a woman’s appearance or weight is really not all that funny, let alone appropriate.

Be an Example: As you start to become more aware of how women are objectified, start standing up for them. Check out the #heforshe campaign. Your words, even in casual conversation, can have far-reaching impact. Make that impact a positive one.

While it may feel like we’ve come a long way since the days of prevalent Mad Men-esque sexual harassment, we obviously still have a long way to go. Keep using a critical eye when viewing media, and let go of the p*********y that serves to turn human beings into nothing more than flimsy imitations of reality. Change can and will happen, but it’s up to all of us to help it along the way.

David Brodosi: Link Between P*********y and Sexual Harassment | Nelson Poynter Library

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