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Milinda Savan Brooksville, FL

This 550lb starlet lies, manipulates men into believing that they love someone in the first minute you talk, but than she threatens you. If this psycho doesnt get her way, she uses her job to illegally search you and your life. My friend suffered such a fate with this fat piece of trash recently and if she decides to contact him again, the authorities will arrest her. Milinda, go back to your lonely life and leave my friend alone. Don’t you have a twinkie to eat?

Miserable piece of c**p!

Paul Ray Ramsey, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

Paul Ray Ramsey otherwise known as RamZPaul on YouTube is a sociopath. Paul is anti-women, anti-gay, anti-liberal, and anti-diversity. This creepy old man lives in Oklahoma with his wife of over 30 years. Paul Ramsey is a liar and a cheater. He has been unemployed for over ten years. Paul visits Europe often and has been known to have affairs. He has told other women in the past that he’s divorced/single. His wife had finally had enough of his lying, cheating and being a lazy, unemployed, worthless scumbag, that she filed for separation. Paul is still legally married, so don’t believe any of his lies. He is 55 years old. Paul Ramsey is a pro-rape N**i and he hates feminists, so watch out!

Ivon Egbus

Ivon Egbus, aka Chinwe Egbuniwe Nwachukwu daughter of Vincent Egbuniwe & Veronica Omigie from Benin Nigeria dates married men. She was married to Larry Walker while she committed adultery with Olufemi Clement Oma. She & Olufemi live @ 4028 Village Trace Blvd Indianapolis, Indiana, Richmond,VA or Houston, Texas. She desperately needs to obtain US Citizenship as she did not obtain it while married to Larry S. Walker from 2002 – 2017.

Jennifer Lynn Corbett Light, Lake Tapps, WA

⚠️ Jennifer cheats on her boyfriends and husbands. She screwed my husband! Poor Bruce, her hubby, he has no idea how loose she is and spends his money! Jennifer is a very heavy drinker a makes those airplanes that crash…if you meet her and you are a female…keep your man away from her. She is perfect looking, has the money and LOVES THE S*X! ESPECIALLY YOUR HUSBANDS. SHE WILL DO THEM IN YOUR OWN BED WHILE YOU ARE NOT AROUND!!!! ⚠️ Along with the cheating and heavy drinking goes pills too. And of course lies automatically go with the cheating, drinking, pills and YOUR HUSBAND OR BOYFRIEND. ⚠️

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