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Ranielle Jerae Chavez

DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFORMATION TO THIS LIAR. She will extort you . She has little to no experience in her work field and has admitted to “faking” her way through her jobs. She sleeps with coworkers and married men at her convenience because they were “just there” and only her “f**k toys”. Uneducated single mother of three searching for hard working men with big paychecks. Works at Fuelco in Odessa Tx. Luring info through her work email. BEWARE of her whorish intentions.

Missy Wiedmer Platte City, MO

Missy Wiedmer is married and is having an affair with a married co worker. she is relentless in chasing after him. She goes to hotels with him while still on the clock. He is addicted to s*x. She has herpes so beware. .

William Clyde Moore

This man is liar cheater he had wife and several girlfriends. He preys on single mothers and goes through your money and manipulates and blackmails you to get what he wants. Beware of him he mentally abuses you.He lies to you and intimidates you to get his hands on your money.

Martin Provencher Sudbury MA USA

This man will tell you everything you want to hear. Be fixing your house. That’s the first way he brings you in. Second. – once he has you he will start ghostin you, showing up late, and cancel plans last minute by just not texting you. When u end it with him you will be very desirable for him.
Fast forward two years of me being stupid. He asked me to move in. Three weeks later I walk in on him with another woman IN the act. He denies to me and her who I am!!! That super hurt. I have never ever been so disrespected. He chased her out the door. Someone he knew for six weeks !!!! Then defended himself for three hours that I wasn’t moving in fast enough!!! wth! I have kids. They have to finish the school year. Selfish a*s. Be sensitive to other people. He dismissed me as fast as he told me I was a good team mate for him, as fast as he told me I was the one for him, the only one. Woman beware.

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