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Joey Sid Van Nuys CA

Joey constantly lies to everyone about his life and lifestyle.
Joey flirts, hooks up and cheats on everyone he comes in contact with.
Joey is a dead beat father, doesn’t take care of his kids, his baby momma takes care of his kids full time while Joey parties.
Joey works at a skate shop in Canoga Park.
Joey sleeps around, has unprotected s*x contracts STDs, goes on dates from dating apps, drives a bmw without a license or insurance.
Joey is an alcoholic with a DUI on his record and is currently on court ordered probation.
Joey is also known to pop pills and do hard drugs, which will lead to domestic violence.

Brie Esposito

Basic white b***h who tells every guy she meets she is a virgin.
News bulletin: She’s not don’t be fooled.
Don’t fall for her c**p.
She will give you gonorrhoea and her p***y stank.

Tammy Lynn Case Mesquite /Rockwall / Dallas Tx

Tammy Case will meet up with ur boyfriend while u work and suck d**k while being on “G” .
she is a dope w***e prostitute that advertizes s*x scenes with other whores for 40 0r 50 bucks an hour . she sends raunchy pics of her gap t**t wide open sitting in a hotel room where she spends her time as a d**k sucking dope trick that gives herself to guys with girlfriends . i lived with my boyfriend (Jesus Alvarez)and she knew it and they snuck around hopping from room to room to f**k around . beware mesquite rockwall dallas. this trick is BAD BUSINESS

Ana Andrade. Pico Rivera. California. Los Angeles. Cherrylove503

@cherrylove503 on #instagram is a crazy psycho. She ruins teenage lives. Come on she is older already. She needs to stop. She honestly thinks she better. She has had s*x with married men and then message their wives that she is doing it. How sick is that! She only hooks up with them so they will support her and her kid. Somebody should stop her. She made someone try to commit suicide!! That’s major. She’s a bully and crazy. Call this number to let her know what a scum she is 5626929892 apt 35 on durfee

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