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Carrie McMullen Qualls, Newark, Delaware

Found out Carrie McMullen Qualls is still a married women but she tells everyone she is separated. She likes outdoors and is very flirty. Will come up to you and carry on a conversation and make you feel special. I found out that she is still married but live separate in Newark and still has her husband around for finances. She also has a string of other men on the line and loves all the attention. Whatever you like to do so does she, to hook you in (hook line and sinker she like fishing). She is a user and a big liar. Spent sometime with her recently and her phone is going off with other men texting and calling her. Didn’t like it and knew she wasn’t up front with me so I left moved on. Found out she was also seeing and sleeping with a married man while with me.


Rasheem Minott, Miami, Florida

Rasheem Minott will have multiple women at the same time until he gets busted then will either admit or blame you for his cheating. He has 2 or 3 favorites that he keeps close which includes one of his baby mommas. Yes, he has two sons by 2 different women. Be very careful. He is a very manipulative self centered person. He will try to use you for anything. He believes women are s*x objects. You’ve been warned.


Reginald Bates

His birthday is Aug 1, 1985. He is a basketball player and a teacher’s assistant who works with autistic children. He goes by Reggie. Reggie is a habitual liar, cheater and deceiver. Making false promises and breaking promises is what he always does. Do not trust him. He plays mind games and will go to great lengths to get a woman to trust him and let her guard down. But at the end of the day, he plays games, he cheats, he lies, he makes excuses and he will string you along for as long as you allow him to.

David Flynn, Hartville, Ohio

David Flynn is a selfish and narcissistic person. He only cares about himself and is very cheap. He makes good money but lies to women to have us pay for him. He makes rude comments without thinking about what he is saying and hurting other’s feelings. I have caught him in many lies and feel foolish for believing his lies.


Cyndi Phelps, Marion, Ohio

Cyndi Phelps works at the Marion General Hospital as a financial counselor and she is a liar, a thief, and a convicted felon, and even worse has been claimed by others. Do not allow her into your home, around your children, or into your business. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS. Run like h**l if she attempts to enter your life. This W***E is a grade A b***h and S**T. S***s on her people and family, only when shes not busy being a crack-w***e in her spare time. Can suck d**k like a pro, which is good because it gives her easy access to the male attentions she wants while also giving her the ability to be an enormous c**t.


Leo Davis, South Pekin, Illinois

Looks like Leo Davis next door but is really a predator, a pathological liar and a serial cheater. Comes off as a little shy and will admit to supposed self-esteem issues but has all the confidence in the world in his sexual prowess and is more than willing to prove it. Preys on women with real self-esteem issues… Weight, recent divorce, etc. Keeps one woman on the hook as his regular but prowls all the dating and s*x sites looking for other women to fill in on the side. Talks the talk about love and fidelity but only because he wants that from his women. He cant/wont give it because he doesn’t have to. There’s always another woman around the corner. Any woman that has the unfortunate luck to run across this man should run in the opposite direction as fast as she can!


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