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Connor William Mathis in Kennewick, WA

Ugh, like most girls I was blind and naive and forgiving…all for NOT. Connor Mathis has cheated his entire life. He cheated on his first gf, on a long string of girls, on myself, and on his current gf. He stole from me. He stole money, he stole trust, he stole my time. He beat me on two separate occasions because I caught him stealing and when I asked for the money back, I got my head thrown against the wall instead. He then justified it by saying that I should not have ever come to him and asked him for anything back. The entire time, turns out he was using drugs. He wasted hundreds of dollars of my money on drugs. Then lied to my face. He grows drugs, sits at home and grows drugs…takes drugs grows drugs, steals, cheats and beats women. He maintains such a narcissistic facade that people who only know him on occasion think he is wonderful. Let me assure u, he is not. He will manipulate any situation or any one to get what he wants. I hate myself for all he took from me. I hope one day karma comes to get him back. FH get out while u can.

Todd Cochran, Moody, Alabama

This pos started messaging my wife of 10 yrs on facebook. At 1st she plainly told him she was married. But, he insisted on meeting up. After a few weeks she agreed. Yes just as much her fault. Todd knew I worked out of town and used it to his advantage, even had the nerve to come to my house, and have s*x in my car! She broke it off with him several times but he always hounded her to meet up just one more time. He has 3 teenage kids of his own that he doesn’t take care of, he lived with his mother (he’s 47) up until she died. He can’t nor will he ever maintain a steady job, if he was a REAL man he would be at work and wouldn’t have time to mess around with married women. Oh btw, he was in a relationship with someone else also and of course I told her. He is a low life piece of white trash. After my wife came clean to me about the affair she let me read all the fb messages between them and I must say he’s a real sad individual.

Wen Juan Chai Rowland Heights California

This two bit s***k takes c*m from all directions She cheats, lies and steals to get anything she wants, then denies everything. She takes on multiple cummers at once. Dont be misled by her lies, she will rob you blind if you leave your eyes off of her for a second. In reality she is a cheap tramp who sucks **** all night. Dont let her rob you, call the police if you see her.

Victor Alsén. Stockholm, Sweden; Los Angeles, USA.

Victor Alsén, Profile of a Tinder Dating Psycho

Below is precisely the dating psycho profile specific to Victor Alsén, a Swedish Clarinetist/Musician:

1. Over-the-top flattery
He seems to be all over you very quickly, complimenting every single atom you possess. You are almost the most special person he has ever seen and you are purely perfect! This hyper-complimentary behavior get you “hooked”, obsessed over him while he gains your trust.

The truth is if you are truly that special and he felt it head to toe as he said, then why he’d suddenly forget you and moved on easily without remorse?

2. Excessive chatting
Very quickly, he just can’t stop chatting with you for hours each day with great enthusiasm. You might be over flattered how much attention he is giving to you. In no time and before you know, you start getting addicted to the chat frenzy and he had you hooked. If at any moment, he easily pulls away his effort and reduces the amount of time he is lending to you, you are rest assured to feel anxious and lost.

3. An enthusiastic, likeable personality
He can’t be more excited in talking and meeting with you, making you feel really flattered that you are such a great person who has caught his attention. He always say nice things, whether he mean it or not. He is a great talker who always knows how to maneuver the conversation in the direction of what you want to hear. He seems care about you. While in reality, he cares about himself most and he use this superficial “care” to make himself feel better about using you and fooling, lying to you.

4. Build you up with bigger and quicker than normal promises
He will first try to get the first hand information of what you are looking for. If you are seeking a relationship, he’ll tell you that is what he is looking for as well. He will start building up the hope of a relationship between you two. He asks you to be exclusive with him and relationship will come later once you get to know more about each other.

The truth is relationship is the last thing on his mind but he made an empty promise to hook you up so he can get what he wants for himself.

5. The unexpected fade and pulling away
He made you fall into his trap and probably fall for him with the previous steps. Then for no obvious reasons, he starts fading away. This could be one or all of the following three reasons:
a. It has gotten to the point he has to fulfill his relationship promise before he can proceed any further. He would want to bail out if there is not much chance of getting what he wants before he deliver his promise.
b. If you have unfortunately already start falling for him, you might no longer be a challenge on his dish and he likes the thrills of hard to get.
c. He is interested in pursuing new targets and probably already started cheating on you.

6. A player and cheater in deceit: a naïve relationship guy
He seems way too naïve. But regardless he gained your trust to be a genuine person. Player would be the last label you want to stamp on him.
You probably wouldn’t believe this naïve guy who asked you prematurely to be exclusive would cheat on you. Your 6th sense alarm comes off and you start getting nervous. He will deny everything however many times you question him and accuse you for not trusting him.

7. Pathological lying
Victor will always say nice things in front of you, even it is not true and he doesn’t mean it. You can sometimes catch it when his action apparently doesn’t match his words and he is not doing what he says he will do. An overly nice guy is toxic, misleading and a waste of your time.

8. Distant and non-returned messages
This happened not long after the cheating confrontation. If you have gotten to this stage, he is thinking about breaking off with you. He has arrived at this serious stage not because he doesn’t like you anymore; not because he figured out you are not someone for him; or he can’t commit due to long distance and reality reasons. He will also accuse you for certain mistakes to make you feel guilt and realize it is you that made him stop liking you any more.

The biggest reason is he realized you might figure out he has cheated on you soon. He is fearful and he needs to take action before you land the answer so it will seem to be your fault or there are objective reasons.

Often time players will break it off once you confronted or suspected they are cheating. They will try to do it before you find out more about what they are doing so as to cover it up. You can be rest assured if a guy would bring up the topic of breaking up himself, most likely a new hookup has already been landed or is in the picture.

9. Emotion manipulator
He trapped you in his emotion love net but then pulls away. His behaviors are suspicious and he might be cheating or pursuing other hookups. He is giving you a cold shoulder. All these made you feel anxious, fearful and insecure. You start wondering if you are just such a person with no self-confidence and have jealous issues.
It is never you. It is him. Your instincts are right and that is exactly how you should feel: he is distant, he is not giving you the feeling back and he is cheating. You are left struggling emotionally and suffer without knowing what happened or what you have done wrong.

10. Narcissist and lack of guilt
After everything he has put you through to make you suffer tremendous emotional and time loss, he might make some light apology that stays at the surface level. He is not shamed, he is not guilty, and he lacks empathy.

Even at this right moment, he thinks the most about himself and what could be the best for himself. Whatever you have gone through due to him is already done. Now he needs to take care of his own business, aka his own welfare and benefit.

Nathan Chaney from Oak Grove,Arkansas

I met him on plenty of fish we dated for 3 months an he moved in with me an my son. Things were perfect for about 4 months an then he snapped an made up some crazy delusional bs then he decided it was crazy that he did that I talked him into getting put on meds for his paranoia he was always thinking someone was plotting against him. The meds ended up working great he felt relief but that was short lived he said the meds were altering him to much so he got off of them then it happend again these other stories would take forever to write. Nobody will ever be what he wants because he makes crazy things up he gives a relationship 6 months to a year an literally counts down weeks days it’s nuts he’s a heartbreaker an a cheater but will deny an swear he’s not that way he’s full of s**t he uses he was married for 20 years to a woman that got him at 18 an she was 13 years older he was sleeping with her daughter before her he is a true narcissus an a complete phony fake a*s person he will fool you I’m not easily fooled but he got me for a year an two months an dropped me in a heartbeat after I was told numerous times I was what he was waiting for his whole life. So ladies in Arkansas or where ever he may find you beware!

Nathan chaney

He is a paranoid schizophrenic he makes things up in his head an accuses people of them. When in fact he was talking to other young girls that work at a local McDonald’s. He said I tried to help my daughter cheat on her boyfriend an other things like that. He’s had two manic episodes in a year freaking out on me out of no where accusing me of things that were false he is cold hearted an narcissistic freak I fell for him hard an it’s taken 9 weeks to get over this jerk he never showed any sympathy he just wanted me to lie an tell everyone it was a mutual break up. He did this same thing to the last gf he had now I know why she flipped out. So lady’s just a warning I don’t want to see another woman with a broken heart. He lives in oak grove, Arkansas he has nothing an will leave you without a second thought!

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