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Darren Highsmith from San Angelo, TX

I didn’t write this but found this article and opinions on she is a home wrecker alongside a couple different sites and wished to share with other people. I don’t know for a fact that this is true but from everything I read about the article and comments I think it. The articles says this man, Darren Highsmith, lately employed some bad girl he met in the bar. Additionally, it states he made an improper pass in her 14 year-old daughter. The article and opinions suggest this man does drugs and drinks much in addition to having some mental retardation problems. It says he utilizes women a lot and may be a rapist. Additionally, it says he may be a thief too. It says he has two brothers of his own that also has the exact same mental retardation difficulties and extends to a private college for this. He’s already been seen at this college around kids FYI. If you’re a parent I would be quite concerned. It says he’s dinner obsessed with his ex-wife.

His title can also be William Darren Highsmith in Addition to Darren Highsmith. He enjoys disc golf and plays with a good deal at San Angelo TX. According to that which was published in the article and remarks, he lies a lot. In the article he denies that the article is authentic and attempts to blame it about a woman who was allegedly stalking him. Her friends come to her defense when he informs her around the post and he places her title in addition to threatening to place her texts and nude pictures just for the past 4 weeks on the article. He openly names her since the collaborate. She kind of him. She, according to the article, cared for this man and believed they were buddies. Her friends also defended her, stating he whined and it wasn’t correct. That she didn’t post this article. Her buddies stated that Darren himself said the film used was a personal picture, not submitted everywhere, and just some of his buddies have it.

Her friends have text dating back to a year of Darren and her discussions back and forth speaking about a great deal of things and being buddies the woman screened shot and delivered to them. They spoke about assembly and likely did on New Years. He whined about her stalking. In reality it sort of seems like he utilized her also. Come to learn the woman he imputed was not in Texas at the date that the article was created but was together with her boyfriend and friends at the time at a place without net. She could not have completed it.

Ladies and individuals with kids residing in San Angelo be cautious. This man is really a horrible person who utilizes individuals, preys on children, lies, steals, will discuss your nude pictures and personal texts along with other people, and g*d knows what else in line with this article. If you search his title you may see all of the articles and opinions for yourself to make a choice but I’d be cautious. From what I read this guy has a Facebook, he is on of as alonehe moves by oodarren exactly the same areas like Snapchat, he is on tinder also, and he is on a predator watch record. You must do something real bad to earn a predator watch record. Many posts and opinions have various addresses and telephone numbers recorded for him. Please talk with other people and maintain San Angelo protected from men like this. Just was passing that on keeping folks informed.

Daniel Maplesden

Dan Maplesden of NSW, Australia is a husband and father to a nice family – but Dan has been having an affair with my wife, someone he knows from way back apparently. The thing is Dan knew she was married and has two kids – but this didn’t matter, he went ahead and drilled her anyway. He’s quite the jet-setter is Dan, this low-life flies in for the day, has himself a solid f**k-fest in a sleezy hotel and then flies back to kiss his daughter good night. Nice. Seriously, those are skills. But you’re also the lowest form of life there is Dan. On behalf of the families you’ve wrecked, well, you can go f**k yourself. Or someone’s wife. Whatever gets you hard kid. If you see Dan around, avoid him like the parasite he is. Dan Maplesden is the worst – a true waste of blood and organs. A no-moral interstate j**z-factory with all the character of a toilet-bug.

Heidi leighanne Rushforth, los angeles, California std carrier

std carrier old a$s druggie and drunk Heidi Rushforth takes advantage of mentally ill low IQ 23 year olds. She gave 2 kids from Coto De Caza stds they spread to nice unsuspecting victims they were dating in Orange County. After their unsafe 3 way they thought their ladies were sick tramps like this nutjob, sexual assault charges are being sought for one victom. This h0e is from Los Angeles cooks at Bavel Restaurant and scewed half the staff. She is a s3x and drug addict with STDS and no morals. Never married and certainly not the type of woman you take home to Mom

Samantha Goodwin Dallas, TX

Samantha Goodwin is a b***h. She is a lying piece of trash that will f**k anybody for a dollar. This nasty w***e has terrorized me for a couple of years. Has threatened me and my family. She got hold of my now ex boyfriend and I refused to be with him after he had his d**k in that nasty w***e. He is currently serving a 6 year sentence cuz he was f*****g around with whores. Good riddance to him and his whores Samantha and Stephanie Eichler. Glad to be rid of that worthless n****r and his nasty c**t whores

David sigal leemor shtrom sigal

Leemor Shtrom who has to pay guys for s*x is scamming with her wife beater husband David sigal on eBay on qvc on Etsy by selling their clients credit info on the dark web for cash plus David sigal has been scamming his partner plus he keeps
Beating leemor shtrom because she cheats on him

James Michael Williams Midland tx and Lexington tx age 27

It’s been two years of my life being downplayed, cut off for my own life, manipulated, and controlled. Anytime I tried to stand up for myself I would be shut down with countless accusations of why it was my fault everything went wrong. Had a miscarriage, and as soon as he gets a new job in the oil field he’s all of a sudden mr. Hotshot, it started out with an old phone of his that I happened to get on that he happened to accidentally leave his profile logged on. so I called him and let him know I was going through his old phone, I found about 10 different dating websites, all claiming he’s single, he’s meeting up with women, he’s giving his phone number out, the moment I tried to talk to him like an adult he loses his s*** and I end up with a concussion/head injury. Then all of a sudden he wants nothing to do with me, then he tries to say well he never said that of course, then he tries to counteract the whole entire situation by saying he never cheated because he never had s*x with anyone, which turned out to be a d**n lie. During all this he is supposed to be connecting with his son that he literally avoided for 2 years. His son is only 3. His son has no f****** clue who he is. the baby mama’s been trying to get him to be part of his son’s life but instead he’s out there cheating, because that’s more important to him.

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