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Daniel P. Moccio. Middle island,NY

Well daniel is a liar. And a cheater. A real class act.
Apparently always has been.
Daniel has a huge secret, well im the mother of his daughter. He was cheating on his gf for their whole relationship. So sad. If i would have known there was another female involved, well then we wouldn’t be in this situation at all.
Daniel and i started sleeping together again, and guess what. Yup. I ended up pregnant!!! With my beautiful daughter. He denies her to the fullest. Never would i thought being friends with someone for 8 yrs and they would do something like this to you. But its okay. Hes missing out. And the truth will come out. Cant wait to see u in court for that DNA test. Youre a low life piece of s**t good for nothing fat f**k dead beat father.

Trenton Wieties – fake name liar illinois

Started chatting through tinder and snapchat in Feb and March. Told me his name was Terry Norlander. He sent me numerous pictures of himself and his children. Told me he was single and had been cheated on by his ex wife named Sarah while he would be out of town for army. Said has 2 kids and was looking to settle down. Told me his ex stalks him and ruins every relationship he gets into. After weeks and weeks of talking and chatting and him asking to meet me we agreed to meet in Perryville, MO at the Comfort Inn. We met and hung out one afternoon. After that his number no longer worked and he wouldn’t respond to any of my messages. It was clear he used me for s*x and had been lying to me. I am so angry I fell for this I searched all over the internet for him and ran across some pictures of him. Guess what his name is Trenton Wieties and he is Married to Sarah Wieties and lives in Collinsville, Illinois. Not only did he lie but had an affair and used me to do it all. I have read so many horrible things he has done to others that is posted through out the net. I just am in awe that I fell for this. I just hope he didn’t give me anything and that others can find out about him before he uses them. All he wants is s*x. Once he gets some then he vanishes. Stay away from him as he did it to so many of us .

Deanna Michelle Brown (2/10/1982) Central Florida Tramp

If you run across Deanna Brown anyone within 50 miles of Sanford, Florida, please take a whiff of this dirty hasty filthy woman. She needs to be introduced to soap and water and then taught some moral and manners. She has no class and no redeeming qualities. She is a user and an actor who puts on a show to manipulate men. She definitely will have her hands in your wallet and try to run you ragged doing for her. Shes a user and you will get very little in return for giving a whole lot.

David Wayne Miller, Georgia and Pennsylvania

Dave/David Miller will ply a girl with alcohol to get her dunk and then take advantage of her. He does this while already in a relationship. He has several td’s and refuses to get them taken care of or inform his “partners” He likes 69 and boasts about it, insisting on it. He has a large wart on his p***s. He prefers women who are short who he can empower and control with his strength. He does not have a job or a car but claims to have lots of money and a business. He’s 46 and lives with his dad in Georgia, sponging off of him. He has two top rotten teeth he lies about saying it’s from “medication”. He has split personalities with anger issues and will smash things or have a hissy fit if you question him on his lies. He lies, cheats and steals to get what he wants.

Deanna M Brown (Letner) Sanford, FL

Watch out for this black widow who will suck the life right out of you along the way. Her dob is 2/10/1982 and she has burned out every single relationship she has ever started because she is a bloodsucker for money and favors. She will put on an act every time to work your emotions but believe me its all an act because she is ice on the inside. Pass her up and be glad you did.

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