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Jean Loizin Irvington, NJ USA

Was sleeping around with another girl who he’s now living with and is dating, while he was living and sleeping with his pregnant girlfriend with there first child. Along with putting hands in her and curing her out every day up to where she discovered his lies and called him out on it. He turned round and not only not show for his daughters birth cause the girl didn’t want him there, he’s denying his daughter. Enlisted in the USMC no child, and his friends and all who knows him had been bullying his ex and recently a threat was made on the daughter

Paul Keizer Smithville Ontario Canada

PAUL KEIZER from smithville ontario, a small community outside of Grimsby, ontario, is a known serial cheater .His first wife was pregnant with their fifth child when he was outed by the church for having an affair with his neighbor, Cindy Dancer, his wife’s friend. He soon left his wife and was quick to move in with the neighbour and then eventually married her. As history repeats itself , he started sleeping with another woman, Laura Fever, who owned a small women’s clothing store in the same community where he lived with the current wife and where the ex wife also lived. This women is of the opinion that she didn’t care who knew she was sleeping with Paul because that is what his current wife had done. She claims to be “highly ethical as she sources her clothing lines from reputable distributors yet thinks nothing of s******g another women’s husband. She may be ethical when it benefits how people view her as a business owner however she clearly lacks integrity , a moral compass and a feminist analysis but if she is that hard up for a man’s attention then go ahead and risk your reputation Laura, what were you thinking? Would you like your daughters to be treated in this manner?

The saga continues as a new woman has caught his attention. This time he targets a caring compassionate and very giving person who has brain damage as a result of a stroke . He has a three year relationship with her then when she starts setting boundaries he tells her he never wanted an intimate relationship with her. All along he lied to her by telling her he wanted a future with her, and would make it like she was selfish by asking to spend more time together , he treated her like she was garbage but claimed to have anxiety and mental health which limited the time spent with her, at the end of that relationship he met another source of admiration as all narcisist do and when she demanded to be treated better he went back to his prior relationship as was sleeping with both women. .He targets vulnerable women who usually have co-op dependency issues so he can easily manipulate them to meets his own selfish needs. He doesn’t care about any of these women and only keeps them around to bolster his own feelings of inadequacy.

When is he held to the same standard as others? When will women start sharing their stories instead of feeling like they weren’t good enough. He needs to be stopped . Women needs to see him for the sick lying sack of shirt that he is. Hit him were it hurts, financially is that who you want building your forever home someone who lied and deceived the women he claimed to have loved , how honest will his business transactions be with you?

As for the women’s clothing store owner should she not be held to the same standards she claims to utilize when purchasing her clothing?

We are all connected in this world and should treat others with the dignity and respect in which we want to be treated.

The first wife and The woman his fourth relatownship were not named as in my opinion they are victims in this twisted story. His current partner is probable unaware of his treatment and should be sat down by a friend and warned against this sick individual. Please repost this for her sake and for the future victims

Stephen Schaper Victoria Australia

To all of you who knows Stephen Schaper, I hereby share my story. Please watch out this guy, he is a liar, cheater and scamer on asiandate site. He signed up 7 years ago and that where we met. He declaimed he looks for Asian wife. We been together for years, and he is actually chatting and dating and flirting many girls on sites, some are pretty young. He declaimed he lives in Geelong Victoria Australia and born Jan 6, 1966, has three sisters and one brother. He invited all his girls visiting him and promised to visit them too. I am one of them. He cheats girls also do cyber s*x and he uses different social media to chat with different girls, viber, whatsapp, messenger, tecentqq, etc. He cheated so many asking him to marry him, and he actually got a girl friend!!!! He is a liar cheater and please watch out. He are dating with 3 different girls at the same time at the moment and everyone is being cheated. I am very shamed that I am one of them. I want to report his behavior. Everyone has feelings, Steve Schaper, You need to respect the others feeling, it’s fine to sign up on dating site, but not cheat everyone with the same lies. He may have told you he is coming to your city to stay and open a restaurant, he may have told you that you can go to his home and he is going to by a house, he may have told you that all he does is exercising and visiting families, ALL LIES. All he does is flirting and chatting and cheating with all sorts of girls that he knows from date site. Feel shame with him!!! By the way, he says he works in jail, I think he should go to jail!
Wish everyone good luck here and watch out this disgusting guy!!

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