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Dustin Brown Buxton Dundalk md

During a 12 yr relationship he engaged in s*x with other women. Most of the women worked in strip clubs or massage pallors. He picked up women at local grocery stores. He arranged meetings with hookers at hotels but claimed he chickened out for fear of being arrested. He lived with the woman he was with for most of the 12yrs. During the last 2yrs he had a relationship with 2 other women and one was married. He had s*x with the married woman at work and they both lost their job for it. The last 2yrs of his relationship were rocky and his gf wanted him to leave but he refused and stayed, engaging in s*x with the 2 other women. Everytime she asked him to leave he begged in cried. The woman finally threw him out and he never left her alone. He continued to lie claiming he was single and missed her and wanted her back, but during this time was still in the relationship with the other 2 women. He also cheated on them as well with strippers and at least one man that I know of with oral s*x. He finally got his orginal girl back and still continued the other relationship with one of the woman until he was busted. It took 3mths for the orginal girl to get all the truth out of him. He said he was always jealous of her for her success and insecure about her looks and independence. Steer clear of this selfish man

Kimberly Ann Pamotillo, Hicksville, New York

This woman totally wrecked my marriage by hanging around and whoring herself out to my husband. She eventually took him from me recently and he moved in with her. Beware..if she does it to one person she’ll do it to another…same goes for him!

Jeffery Scott Lee, Florida, United States

Jeff Lee is a member of the Air Force that I met recently while he was traveling. After repeated assurance from him and his friends that he was single, I spent lots of time with him and we instantly connected. This included very personal conversation, meeting for drinks, and multiple nights spent together over the course of about 3 weeks. I found out about his three legged dog, his love for rock music, the tattoo on his chest. The one thing I didn’t find out about until now was his wife. I was devastated to discover after some digging that Jeff had lied to me about his last name and he has actually been married for nearly 3 years. This man is a monster with no remorse for his actions, only for getting caught. And I know for a fact this is not his first time cheating.

Ben Tallini Liverpool New York 13088

Misogynist Ben Tallini is a lying A*****e! Don’t let this p***k near your heart. He’s just sad because he hates his wife – just not as much as he hates her mom! She’s the only girl he’s ever been with so he must treat every other woman like a worthless w***e. He makes her work and support his lying a*s!

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