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Greg Lassiter and Miss boda NYC USA

After reading and looking through this phone seeing all of the text messages very explicit videos I found the conversations and this phone very interesting. I could write a book on this relationship between Greg Lassiter and Annette boda. This relationship went on many years it was nothing but lies deceit manipulation along with disrespect Mr. Lassiter lied throughout the entire relationship with Miss boda. Always making her think it was her that was doing wrong and causing issues in the relationship, when it was him he was in a relationship with another female Debbie Allen the whole time he was in a relationship with Miss boda. Not to mention the other females he was seeing on the side and always making Miss boda beg him for attention, communication. He used Miss boda to his advantage he knew how much in love this woman was with him he took full advantage of this. Mr Lassiter knew there was not a thing Miss boda would not do to please him and to prove her love to him he would have her do very sexual explicit videos with him when they were together every time she went to NYC to spend time with him. Although he would not allow her to go to his place she always had to pay for the hotels her flights all of her accommodations while she was there visiting him he would never allow her to stay at his apartment. Why either he’s married or he’s in a relationship which is clear on his social media sites that he is in a relationship with a female Debbie Allen the one he always insisted to Miss boda was his business partner. He not only manipulated Miss boda from reading these messages in the phone it clearly shows he mentally and emotionally abused this woman. He is a very convincing man he is so convinceing he has you believing he’s so in love with you he wants to marry you ,your the only one in his life. He knows how to build trust then when he knows he has you, you open up to him and tell him about your past some of your deep dark secrets and this man holds them against you while controlling your every move always threatening to exploit and put your business out there if you don’t do what he wants or if he feels you disrespected him and if you talk to his people. He have threatened Miss boda so many text messages. Miss boda did cheat on him I can say I don’t blame her he stood this woman up so many times and she continued to stand by his side she even went as far as getting for tattoos with this man’s name on her body while the whole time this man knew he was in a relationship with his so-called business partner Debbie Allen the one he always degraded and talked to Miss boda about I can only imagine from reading and listening to messages in the phone how he talked about Miss boda after reading and hearing the way he talked about Debbie Allen.
He had Miss boda believing she was the only on. He does the same thing to all the other females convinces them they are the only one when there are many women he sees he convinces them to come to New York City he will pay their way once they get there he will reimburse them and he never does there are plenty of messages Miss boda received from other women stating he told them that just like he did to Miss boda. He was laying up with Miss boda March 31st 2019 not two weeks later he posted on his social media site a comment to Debbie Allen saying I love you honey when two weeks prior he was with another woman Miss boda the one that he continuously told he was so in love with and wanted a future with and ask her to marry him move down there get a job and that was a reason she was down there March 31st-April 2,2019. This man is an evil man there are messages in this phone he States he is destroying other people’s lives and loving it how can any human being be so evil as to hurt and destroy another human beings life on purpose intentionally that is some evil s***. If I were Miss boda I would have called Debbie Allen and let her listen to some of the conversations between Mr Lassiter and herself. Mr Lassiter has went as far as telling people Miss boda is fake she’s crazy not to mention other things he wasn’t saying anything when he was making videos holding a phone and videotaping everything with her or laying up next to her over the years. This man is a very evil man although he has everyone convinced he’s a nice guy he does things for the public in the community this is all a front he is a very evil man. There are so many conversations regarding people he talks about and puts down. Don’t let this man fool you if he cannot control you he will destroy your life like he has many others. This man did not even have the nerve to tell Miss boda he was in a relationship with Debbie Allen he opened his Instagram to her that was the last message in the phone Miss boda

Brian C. Lugo

Brian Lugo is a disgusting, pathetic dead beat liar that owes over 25k in back child support, steals from everyone he encounters and lies non stop.
He is a worthless meth head that can’t stop doing dope and watching p**n. And that smell….He doesn’t wash

Shalonta Bowman (Wheaton, MD, USA)

I thought I was the only one f*****g this b***h, and it turns out she’s a sugar baby for other men.

Shalonta Bowman was born to a single mom named Roxanne Bowman. Her father is supposedley Harvey Langley (deceased), but no one knows for sure. Shalonta does not have her father’s last name, she has her maternal grandfather’s last name, and that’s very odd.

Shalonta is a sugar baby, and she met her current sugar daddy, Kevin “Ben” Smith through the site SeekingArrangement. Shalonta is possibly the only sugar baby in the world who is still broke after finding a sugar daddy.

Shalonta previously dated “Jeff the Junkie”. Shalonta loved this junkie, but Jeff loved white girls (e.g. cocaine and heroin) much more than he loved Shalonta.

Rohun Hulyakar Pedophile Stanford DoorDash

Rohun Hulyakar, aka Micropenis, is a pedophile currently working at DoorDash in New York. He regularly targets prepubescent girls on Craigslist and driving by high schools and middle schools. Rohun Hulyakar has raped and bullied dozens of young girls and is awaiting criminal charges for attacking a 12 year old girl named Amanda. He’s short, dumb, ugly, and going to jail

Connie Fu Artist has Herpes – New York, NY

Connie Fu from Harvard and Pratt escorts for money from sugar daddies even though she’s ugly. She has herpes from all the many men she’s slept with and has no painting talent or skill whatsoever. Connie doesn’t disclose her herpes status to dates and has infected over 56 men already. She should close her legs and learn how to paint! Watch out for Connie!

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