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Loredana Bartucci, Illinois – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Loredana loves to suck c**k. She has no gag reflex and loves to deep throat or be f****d in the mouth. She will drool all over your b***s while your c**k is shoved down her throat, and slap your d**k all over her face. Loredana never spits, always swallows every drop and takes the load of c*m all over her face. Total fake and liar, date at your own risk. The girl will treat you like a king without the kisses till she gets what she wants and then disappear. Also meets guys for “help” has a profile on

David S Ransom, New York – THE TRUTH

Forward to your female friends just so they know (and your men friends so they can warn the women they LOVE. The decision is of course theirs if they deal or don’t. David Ransom – BROOKLYN’S G*D FEARING MAN — THE TRUTH The story I tell: I’m 44 years old, just back from Philly turning around a restaurant and I’m looking for my next job. I’m a designer and receive residual income from my designs. I have 5 children, but I take care of ALL my kids. I used to sleep around and cheat, but I’ve changed. I’m dating, but nothing serious. I have an apartment in Brooklyn and my daughter lives with me. I’m a member of the PTA and a G*D FEARING MAN an active member of Brooklyn’s CCC. Being in good standing with G*D is all ‘I really want’. The Truth is: I screwed up that gig in Philadelphia and left before I got ran out of town. Nothing new, h**l, I’ve been fired from the some of the hottest spots in Brooklyn for STEALING time and money. Whatever. It’s easier for a smooth dreadlocked brother like myself to stay unemployed. That way, I don’t get fired for incompetence and the Man can’t track me down and force me to pay the tens of thousands I owe in back CHILD SUPPORT. My one TALENT — I’m “great” in BED — a talent I bestow on many women. In fact, all “I really want” or need in life is a bevy of beautiful and sensitive women whose hearts are open just enough to receive my web of lies. Click Photos to learn more about me on You Tube Oh, and did I tell you that I am particular. Only the finest ladies for me and they must have a JOB and a HOME (cause I haven’t had my own apartment since I was evicted years ago) and they have to have a means for me to get around (cause other than MTA, I ain’t got no ride). Once I find my ladies…I do what I do…move in with one, float the others, and just LIVE. Ah, did I mention that I don’t do condoms, why bother “I am only making love to you, baby” (heh, heh). So you would never really need to worry about any sexually transmitted diseases…as long as you are just “loving” me. I’m very careful to make sure the women I love are “healthy.” 😉 As you can see, in actuality. I’m not quite the G*D FEARING MAN I claim to be. I am just a man, with a plan, trying to survive — off of women. Until, of course, they catch on to the game. Then I am on to the next one. Gotta go, I have a disgruntled ex out here trying to expose me for who I am. But she crazy. Don’t pay her no mind. She just mad that I do what I do. BTW, are you free for dinner tonight…on you of course. ;). Visit DailyMotion.Com and Search David Ransom Brooklyn’s G*d Fearing Man for the whole truth!

Viktoryia Vika Vikhula, Illinois – W***e

This girl is married. her husband is a very nice guy. he works 6-7 days a week to give her the best he can afford. seriously. good looking guy most girls would like. This b***h….. she screws and blows a lot of different guys in and around her area that she meets online. she is a total a**l freak. bangs guys out of the back of her car. or will go to a dark parking lot of off the out of the way area to blow you. while hubby is back home cooking cleaning and taking care of the child. ITS ALL ABOUT HER. NO ONE ELSE. AND HER HAPPINESS. this girl developed some kind of extreme low self esteem issues back in her home country of belarus, minsk. all of her life her teeth were all screwed up and the appearance of her teeth was horrible. as a kid its obvious people made fun of her a lot and she cried and her parents were so poor they didn’t have any money for any thing let alone orthodontics or braces. so she took the abuse over the years. im sure she swore to hereself she would grow up and fix it and move away from all of the people that treated her bad. and thats what she did. found a sucker/husband. found a way out of her belarus and moved to the united states. first stop. dentist/orthodontist office. next stop. have s*x with every guy she can to make her feel better about herself. she becomes bored in relationships very quickly and when she gets bored, she starts looking for something new. same with her marriage. she is ready to dump her husband off and the reason is because she is just tired of being married to him. the funny part is she has this stupid kid that is just like her and if she does get rid of her hub she is going to find out that most of the guys see right thru her BS and only want to F her and dont want to deal with all of her stupid financial and emotional problems. and on top of it all she works but she is broke. all of the time. if her hub leaves she will be looking for soem new sucker to possibly take up the slack. she is nothing more than a one nighter or a few hours. AVOID ANY RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS LYING SNAKE IF YOU ENJOY YOUR LIFE! SHE IS VERY EFFICIENT LIAR! SERIOUSLY.


Jon Verdun, – Cheater

He cheated on me while I was in surgery. He told me he was going out of town to visit his uncle when he really flew another woman to town to spend the week with her while I was out of commission. That’s just one of his many lies. He’s also an alcoholic who is currently drinking. He will tell you that he isn’t seeing anyone else when he really is sleeping with multiple women at the same time. One is not enough for him.




Lawrence Howard Smith, Fenton and Techumseh

He is a smooth talking man who is out for one thing. Has many girlfriends, share intimate pictures and info of women to male friends. Sends graphic pics of himself to women, talks about himself and private area to intise women. Preys on vulnerable woman who has assests, has not intention of relationship just to use them. Has woman in different states so no one has to know. Will put you in the position to feel like you have to do something with another man or woman so he can watch.

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