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Krista Ramirez, Des Moines, Iowa

This woman is a real peice of work…… She has had 4 children, the first she gave up for adoption (Lucky kid) the other three DHS removed from her home over 6 years ago. She was horribly abusive to them and the man she was living with at the time. He has the children (They aren’t even his!) Krista hasn’t tried to see them in over 5 years! She won’t pay child support due to the fact that she is normally so high on meth she wouldn’t be able to hold down a job! She will p**n ANYTHING she can get her hands on. She steals from her friends, family, boyfriends. Totally hateful b***h…. Lives her life to get high and doesn’t care who she has to hurt to do it. Last I knew she was living at 3808 Douglas Ave in Des moines, IA. She never has a phone or residense very long because she doesn’t pay bills. She is a complete waste of space. If you know her, or think you might. Be sure to tell her what a worthless pig she is….. She was married to a Keith Trotter but he had her arrested for assualt w/ a weapon… so I don’t know if they are still together. She frequents many small bars in the des moines area, Hull ave tap, HARDTIMES, and pretty much anywhere she can get her fat mouth around a beer. She has also been known to be involved in prostitution, be warned she is a complete psychopath if you get involved you will end up losing ALL of your stuff. Plus when you try to kick her out she will attack you and then call the police and press charges on you. This has happened in all of her relationships. She constantly tries to play the victim, singing her poor me song to anyone who will listen. If they call her bullshit she will go from poor pitiful me to CRAZY KRISTA CRACK HEAD in about 2 seconds. So all of Iowa look out…. she’s out there waiting for her next fix…..

Lizz Holmes, New York

Lizz is an extremely chemically unstable, violent, alcoholic. She is the daughter of semi-famous, quite rich, hotelier Colgate Holmes of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels. She can be very loving and extremely sexual. In fact the danger is that the s*x is beyond p**n level fantastic. The problem is that she is a nasty hallucanating drunk with sveral other chemical imbalances, a history of violent relationships, stays in mental institutions, and is so frightened by the mere idea of police or medical personell that she will make up almost anything to ensure that she is not arrested or commited. She will have you arrested, accused of rape, then come and bail you out in tears swearing that she never told anyone any such story, and beg you to come home with her where she will treat you to the most incredible s*x you ever dreamed of. Then she will throw a television at you chase you around with a knife, make copies of your keys, threaten to jump off the roof, beat you to a b****y pulp and have you arrested again.Shell never show up on court because she is incapable of leaving her apartment,( she has booze delivered in quantity) she will detroy you and all your friendships, your realtionship with your family. She will bash her own face in with with a brass lamp so she can tell your friends family and police that you broke her nose. Then she will cry and beg you to let her deep thraot you and do her in the a*s and e*******e all over her face. Then she will throw furniture at you and have you arrested again. BEWARE !! This is all true! If you dont belive me then …go ahead and date her,,,then 6 months later meet me for a drink and you can cry on my shoulder about how many nights you spent in central booking and how many times you had to appear in court accused of things that make you want to vomit.

Traci Shewmaker, Brighton, Illinois

This woman is horrible. She was married and began cheating on her husband with a married man. Her husband found out and beat her up–they divorced. She still continued the affair with the married man. SHe met the mans children. Her 2 children told the other children that they would be step-siblings soon. All the mean time, the mans wife did not know that any of this was going on. She has this married man pick up her children for her. HE spends more time with hers than his own. Oh, and did I mention that she got pregnant with this married mans child? It is still unknown if she is still pregnant or not. Time will tell.

Jeff Black, Eugene, Oregon

When I met this guy he had a newborn daughter who was 1 month old that lived 3 houses away that he had nothing to do with. I should have took that as a sign an ran. Three months later, I was pregnant. Here are some of the things that make him F-ing nuts….I found out later that he is a registered s*x offender, apparently he raped some young girl when he was 15. We broke up 4 years ago, and when he randomly calls, he calls me every so often to let me know about all the women he has slept with, you know, the married woman with the nice fake b***s, etc. He calls to offer to pay me $5,000 straight up thinking I will just forget about child support for the next 21 years of my daughters life. (shes going to college, she can get it until she is 25) He works under the table so he doesnt have to pay child support. He tells me how he was the bouncer to this certain bar and my brother came in and he almost kicked his a*s, because he thought it would be cool. My brother is a repected individual in our community, with a nice house, car, etc. At the time I knew him he had 14 different charges on his driving record, from driving on the wrong side of the road to no lights,etc. He has assult charges against him. Once when we were at the coast, all four of the people in the car had been drinking, but for some reason, jeff being the only one without a liscense, he decided to drive. The party at the coast was crazy, so we decided to leave, but he had to show off and burn rubber on the way out, which only alerted the police that were waiting at the exit of the camp ground we were at. The cops started flagging us down, but jeff sped up since he didn’t have a liscense and he was drunk. Once we stopped, jeff hopped in the back seat and tried to get me to confess I was driving since I was the only one with a liscense and a clean record. Turns out, he had 4 rifles in the car, 2 open bottles of whisky and coped and attutide with the cops. Big long story there. While I was pregnant, he kicked me in the back and the stomach while I was laying on the floor, thrown a VCR down the stairs at me, grabbed me by the neck and drug me inside the house because I wanted to leave, punched my windshield of my car from the inside and broke it, kicked my drivers side door in, sexual abused me, tried to break my wrist because I was on the phone calling for help, pushed me into blackberry bushes as I was trying to run away from him, he pranks my house, drives by and honks. I put a restraining order against him when I was three months pregnant. He would call my house at 5am just to wake up the baby. I have found fresh used condoms in his room thrown under his rug, or bed, sorry, but we never used bright green condoms. Ditched me on my senior prom and gradutation to cheat on me. I have video proof and people have told me this. In fact, 1 hour after my prom, I came over to his house and his mom yelled from the living room something about “if thats sarah again, that you guys better be using protection this time” (MY NAME IS NOT SARA) I guess she was over there with him right before I came. He has hit on other girls while he was with me. When we were at the coast one time, he decided to make a pit stop at his friends summer beach house. He broke the door down and started stealing things. Now, he has three kids, with three different woman. He doesn’t see any of them, doesnt support any of them. Works under the table so he can spend all of his money on beer and not have to pay child support after all, having a really cool truck with a nice system is much more important than kids. He also calls to tell me that he is going to take me to court so that he can get custody of MY daughter. He thinks because his father has tons of money he could take her from me. If he wants to waste the money going to court, go ahead, you know!!! He doesnt live anywhere really, he just sponges off his drunk mom and his two faced twin sister. OH YEAH…..THE DAY AFTER FATHERS DAY WHEN I BROKE UP WITH HIM. I PUT A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM. That caused him to call me continuolsy that night threating to come over and kill me and my fat w***e of a mom (lol….my mom is far from a w***e). So GIRLS IN Junction City, Eugene, Springfield and other areas….Beware of Jeffrey David Black. DOB 12-7-79 6’3 240lb, facial hair, brown hair, brown eyes, tattoos on arms and check. Crooked front tooth, elvis smile. You have been warned. He’s not even that good in bed, I don’t know why any sane person would want anything to do with him, unless they want a kid, the guy is apparently very fertile. A picture will be posted when I get my scanner working.

Brandon Windisch, Boise, Idaho

He may live with his father, or his mother, who have taught Brandon very well how to have relationships. This person has broken into past girlfriends’ homes; has admitted to having friends only for what thay “can do for me;” will not hold a job; steals from his own mother and anyone else he sees as an easy target; has cheated, then cheaters admitted- he still denied this when questioned; brought his wife and children 500 miles from home to ‘move’ and then it was discovered by wife & all that money he said he had was fictional- ladies AND MEN…. this person is a true loser and you could do no worse than with him!!!

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