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Ryuhei Kawada, Tokyo, Kanto, Japan

When he was just 10 years old Japanese Parliament member Ryuhei Kawada had a bombshell of information dropped on him that he was probably too young to understand. It was then that his mother informed him of his HIV status, but not due to any type of perverted family matters. Ryuhei had been the victim of contaminated blood given to him at a hospital while he was undergoing treatment for hemophilia, a condition that causes someones blood to have more difficulty clotting and the usual result is a substantial increase in blood loss from normally far less serious injuries. In 1993 Ryuhei joined a historic class action lawsuit against five pharmaceutical companies in which they were found guilty of supplying medical facilities with unsterilized blood. It during the lawsuit that he first became famous in Japan for having the guts to out himself and become a public icon for the Tokyo HIV Litigation.

Lindsay Wheeler, Hampton, Virginia

She failed to inform that she had Herpes and we were involved in a intimate relationship for about 3 weeks before she told me that she was infected. To me this is entrapment and this should never happen to anyone else!!!!

Physical Description
29 year old straight white female with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Standing 5 feet, 0 inches tall and weighing in at 100 pounds.

Yohei Kono, Tokyo, Kanto, Japan

Before becoming Japan’s Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Speaker of the House of Representatives Yohei Kono was infected with Hepatitis C. His Hepatitis status was the subject of a New York Times article in 2002 about having to accept a liver transplant from his son Taro Kono, another notable Japanese politician over the old man’s initial objections. The Hepatitis C infection was said to have been 30 years old at that time.

Sarah Solano, Denver, Colorado

Sarah Solano is without a doubt one of the lowest and most horrendous women I have ever had the displeasure of almost sleeping with. I made the stupid mistake of getting drunk on a Friday night with her and a few other high school friends… One thing led to another, and before I knew it she was sensually massaging me in my basement and telling me how sexy she thought I was. Thankfully, as she was taking off her pants I noticed some abnormalities in her nether-region and had the good sense to give her a firm “no”. She went on to tell me that genital warts aren’t a big deal, and that “tons of people have them”… Avoid this girl like the plague.

Amy Loyd, Portland, Oregon

She has told some previous partners of her genital herpes condition but not always. When she first discovered this through a routine test she didn’t tell her partner at the time. When meeting new people she has often not disclosed. bisexual white female with dark brown hair and green eyes. Standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing in at 130 pounds. You may find her on craigslist for casual encounters.

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