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Samantha Bueso, New Jersey is evil

Samantha Bueso chased after my Dad even though she knew he was married and had kids,she is a selfish * * * * who chased him, even when she knew it was hurting my sisters and me. She lied, sent **** pictures of herself to him even though she knew we could find them…she even flew all the way from New Jersey to California to have a sleezy s*x with him in the daytime becuz he would not see her at night becuz she knew he was back with my mom.Yeah I know it’s my dads fault to, but he was not thinking right,his sister died we were not there and she moved in like a shark to attack when he was hurt and confuzed.My sisters and I had to go to therapy for a long time cuz of her and i even hurt myself cuz it hurt so bad and u know what she did when she found out? She threatened to keep seeing him cuz she did not care how bad she hurt us all she cares about is what she wants.My dad was mean and cold and selfish when he was with her but now that he is back with my mom he is sweet and a good dad again. be careful cuz she takes pictures and uses them to blackmail people with…her website is and she worked at chart house and franks in edgwater,NJ pleez!!!!!!!!!! dont let her hurt your family to, and i hope she sees this cuz she owes us an apology but she wont cuz she has no heart!!!

Sam Lupi, Vancouver, Washington

He lies ,cheats and manipulates to get what he wants which is generally of a sexual nature and doesn’t care how much it hurts the woman and children involved. He has many children from several women in various states. He’s big at playing massive headgames. He tends to demonstrate sadistic, schitzophrenic tendencies and /or socialpathic symptoms. I believe he may have even stalked me prior to contacting me. He is all around just bad news. Beware–if there is male “Black Widow” it would be this guy.

Brent Carleton, Benbrook, Texas

this guy is totally f****d in the head. we met about a year ago by the pool. we really hit it off. a few weeks later we were talikng about hour worst sexual experiences and he said ” when i f****d my sister and she gave me crabs” . im like WHAT THE F**K! YOU F****D YOUR SISTER. he said,” oh yeah , all the time . she loves it up the a*s. but the bad thing is , i gots ta go to da free clinic once a month cuz she f***s guys for crack”. i started to ignore him and he called about two weeks asking” why are you ignoring me, i really like you”. i then told him cuz he f***s his sister and thats nasty. he tried to explain that his family is really close like that and i should join him and his sister sometime. i dont f****n think so

Jason Jaghori, Ashburn, Virginia

Well, i’m OCD, I was scared of drinking water for six months because i thought that someone was poisoning me, i pick at scabs on my head, i’ve been known to use Q-tips in my ears until they bleed cause then “I know i’ve cleaned it goddammit.” I have ADHD, i will say incredibly retarded things randomly, i crave attention, i’ve got this thing with my arm where it hurts really bad, i will eat almost anything for money, i’ll say almost anything anyone tells me to… uhm… lotsa other stuff

Jeff Proteous, Green Lake, Seattle Washington

This little guy is kind of sweet at first but because he has some dough to throw around and drives a porche he thinks he can get whatever he wants from you. I live in Spokane and we met online and in person in seattle for coffee once. I liked him alright at first and he wanted to visit me in Spokane. I didnt care if he came over but he said he was staying at my house! I barely knew this guy and he just expected me to share my bed with him for the weekend! I told him to forget it and went off on me and told me he didnt want to anyway because he’s been seeing someone else the past 6 months! Nice guy…right!

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