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Chan Lee

Chan Lee is a sleeze ball. He has a girlfriend he’s been with for four years Jennifer Duong. They even live together. But he has another girlfriend Shannon Marnell he started dating a few months ago. She’s an elementary school teacher in Surrey. Hyland Elementary. He hides both from each other. Tells one he’s at work all night or busy when he’s really shacking up with the other one. He has this story on one side of his life that he lives with a male roommate, omits the part about Jenn. Then Jenn and friends on the other side of Chan’s life have no idea about Shannon. His online life he goes on an on about being with Jenn but he keeps Shan away from his online life so she doesn’t notice how much he claims to be in love with Jenn. It’s f*****g wrong! How can someone be in love with 2 different girls? He’s just greedy total slime ball. In love with two girls, what a douchebag. His friends at work don’t know about Jenn. His friends in his regular personal life don’t know about Shannon.

Chan’s twitter @showmerage
Jenn’s twitter @mechbunnies

Alyssa Wolf, Michigan

This girl will use you till there is nothing left of you, she uses her parents as a back up when she doesn’t get what she wants, she spins, manipulates and plays her way through guys. Last I remember her number is just over 35. This girl’s family will also defame you with no proof going off of what she says. Like mother, like daughter. Manipulation and gold digging runs in the family.

Troy Gray, Chicago, Illinois

Hello ladies please beware of this guy name Troy Gray from Chicago, IL age 36. He works at the University of Chicago as a Material Control Coordinator. He is abusive and has money issues. He lost his condo due to foreclosure because he spends his money on weed and alcohol. Once you’re intimate with him he does a whole 360 on you and start acting funny. He has other women do his dirty work and text you to curse you out for no reason at all. Be careful he doesn’t like to use condoms and he tricks women into getting in bed with him. He has baby mama drama. His baby mama doesn’t want him to be left alone with their daughter. Please ladies be careful.

Caitlin Marie Hickey, South Windsor, Connecticut

Well, where do I begin…She told her friends she was with me only bc the s*x was good. Would show up where i work as a bouncer, drunk and proceed to kiss me in front of everyone, bc she is a jealous freak. She told she wanted to marry me after 3 dates. Everytime i tried to break up with her she would show up at my house crying , not wanting to leave. Would call at 2 am crying telling me she wants to kill herself, that no one wants her. Made up a story about going to a psychic medium and telling me her mom told her I was the guy for her. She told all my secrets to everyone of her friends. Her friends warned me that she is unstable and crazy and a big drama queen. She will make you the center of her universe and if you aren’t she will threaten you and say she is going to call the cops and tell them I was harassing her though she constantly came over my house. She has a DUI and has drinking problem. Her friends told me she falls in love with anyone that gives her attention and cry when no one doesn’t. When i broke up with her she would go out of her way to tell she is f*****g another guy and that she is going to marry him

Howard Abbs, Katy, Texas

I met this man in sept 2013 we met on we talked back n forth for awhile he text more than anything.he told me he was relocating to my area and had been single for awhile and was focusing on his career and playing and just didn’t have time for a woman before but he was looking now. He was so kind but something wasn’t right he just seemed too good to be true. His name on the site was Douglas which is his middle man but I found it another way. I decided to look him up and found this site. And his Facebook page and Twitter and his aggravated assault robbery and realized he kept changing his place of residence to appeal to his next victim. He admitted to having over 70 partners and said I used to be a player but was ready for change. Lol yea OK. I found out he also had another relationship back in Texas where he resides. Thank g*d me and her talked and we teamed up on him and he still proceeded to lie about me. Ladies just be careful get checked. By the way I put the date just in case he says that was old. And also his nipples are pierced and he has a birth mark on his left side the shape of a candy cane and is not circumcised. Has tattoos on his back and arms of his kids names.

Jessie Gesen Brown, Miami, Florida – She Has genital herpes, Hpv,

A repeat offender, has cheated on her boyfriends, her husband numerous times, even cheated on her lovers. She Has genital herpes, Hpv, had clamidia, and who knows what else at this point. Master manipulator, the poster board of a sociopath. She is a substance abuser, has an eating disorder, and will use anything to victimize herself. Loves to go to Alanon, AA, or NA meetings to play the role of a recovering addict, or the victim of a addict. In reality, she goes to these meetings to scope out rich vulnerable man. She has a felony conviction, and is in this country illegally. She gets involved with men for money, so beware.


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