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John Joseph Padilla, Ogden, Kansas

He goes by the name of jay or j.j. He is an awesome juggler of women. And really good at keeping his lies straight. He also has a tendency to drink in excessive amounts and then get rough and aggressive. He shows little to no remorse when he breaks a woman’s heart and moves onto the next almost instantly. He is never satisfied with just one girl at a time and tends to elaborate on his financial position. It seems that no matter how hard I tried to make him happy it was never good enough. I was either wearing the wrong cloths or my make up wasn’t ever right. He also is very controlling of every situation. Seriously, I was 5 minutes late getting home from work and you could swear that I had done just about everyone in town in that time. Also, he will go through your purse,phone,car,pockets,drawers just looking for something to make you feel like your a bad person.or that you are ugly .or even that you are not allowed to take to anyone without being accused of flirting.even if it’s just saying thank you to a waiter or waitress. So, basically super insecure,controlling, and possibly harmful.

Michelle Flynn, Dayton, Ohio – Genital Herpes

I don’t have too many bad things to say about this girl other than the fact that she infected me with genital warts, I was this girls manager at KC marketing and I used to make her give me head between shifts and f**k her 3 times doggy style. She never complained and always came back for more. I just found out that I am infected with genital warts from Michelle Flynn. You f**k with this chick get your junk checked. She Has Herpes Hpv STDS and will not tell you either. I received Hpv STDS and she claimed to be a virgin. This chick has one stinky a*s and p***y… unbearable!


Liltreg Roberts, Dallas, Texas

this guy does not buy his baby anything i have had to buy the baby cloths shoes pampers to help out his girlfriend tells him that there pre-mature baby only has two bottles left so he decides he wants to ride his gay friends around first and did not return till ater 1am while the baby practically starved all day and cried and the girlfriend who recently suffered from pre-eclampsia suffers from blurred vision so can haly see to get around so the guy just wakes up every morning and decides that he does not want to give a f**k and leaves the girlfriend at home all day to defend herself with a pre-mature baby that is his and 3 other kids that is not his this guy needs his b**t kicked!!!!and the picture was his mugshot for jumping on his girlfriend he also is on probation he drives around all day everyday with no drivers license or insurance and at night likes to smoke k-2 he needs to be exposed and or reported to his probation officer!!!!

Charles Stallard, Kentucky

Women need to known not to become a victim to this man. He has 6 children thar I know of. He is in the military and will use women so they buy him cars, bike etc. he uses women then dumps them after he gets what he wants. Been married for 7 years to this man. All he cares about is using people, have someone to take care and spend money on his children. I feel so sorry for the next victim because they have no idea on what they are getting into. I had multiple people reach out to me and try to warn me about him but this wad really my first love. He is so sweet kind and always spend time with you but when he is out of town or makes excuses on why he is in another county he is cheating. He has muliple cell phones I have found three so far so please take myy advice and RUN!!

Jason Maguire, Indiana

Jason seeks attention from many women at once, as friends and lovers. He dated me long distance for a couple months. He visited me one ime where I live. Later I found out that he had another long-distance affair with an old flame in Texas. She definitely did NOT know about me or the girls that came after me. I really fell for him as do all the other girls. He is charming and knows what to say and how to say it at the right time. I’m pretty sure that he has a long distance girl still and a steady local girl. Don’t go there!

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