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Dale W Sarama, New York

So I started dating Dale 2 years ago. I used to live with him when we were younger and I was so happy to have found him again to get a second chance. I was in a very bad marriage when we first started dating and was in a deep depression. When Dale and I first got together we texted and talked for hours and hours on end. We decided to move in together. When we first started living together I should have started noticing the red flags. He always told me the friends on his Facebook were his friends before me and will continue to be after me. Well he always kept his phone locked and on silent. The one day when he had too much to drink and unlocked his phone in front of me and I was able to get lock code. When I went into his messages I seen he was talking to several women telling him that he loved them and missed them. I was furious and confronted him. He told me that he tells everybody that and they are all good friends. Right after that happened he blocked me on his Facebook. He accused me of starting with these females. We got into a huge fight about it and he stopped using Facebook and turned his phone off. We ended up having a long talk about everything. He told me about being in his last true relationship and being devastated because he had a son with her and they were both killed by a drunk driver in a head on collision. He then told me how he lost his mother and made it to the hospital right after she passed away and he never got a chance to say goodbye. After we talked our relationship blossomed. We did so many things together and I was never in love so deeply in my life. A few months ago he decided we should both get new phones because he knew I would trust him completely now. Well it did not take long at all for him to go right back to his old ways. On November 22 I had come home from work and was tired so he said he was going to his friends house. When I woke up the next morning he was not home. We ended up in a huge fight that day. He said that he needed some space because we were fighting a lot and he was going to his sisters house on Tuesday and would be back Wednesday night for Thanksgiving. So I am at work on Tuesday and his friend comes knocking on my door at work and told me that Dale had cheated on me Saturday night with his ex wife at his house. I was devastated and when I came home I confronted him. He already had his bags together for his sisters and had called a cab to get him. He said his friend lied and was just mad at him for a different reason. After he left I noticed he took all his clothing and personal things that were his. I went to his friends house to get the whole story and was completely horrified to learn that I was being lied to the whole time we were together. He never had a child with someone, it was a lie. I also found out his mother never died. That was a lie. He told his friend he was dying of cancer which was another lie and he told all the girls that he was cheating on me with that I threw him out. Ladies please do not listen to anything this man says. He will lie to you and cheat on you. He left me with no food, no money, and six months rent owed. He uses women to get what he wants and then on to the next.

Jennifer Logsdon, Fort Ashby, West Virginia

I cheated on my former husband and cleaned him out in our divorce. I have dated and slept with half the town I live in. I broke up my boyfriends previous cohabitation relationship so I could have him. Now I stalk and spy on my boyfriend to the point that I told his mother what a w***e she is so she would leave us alone. I have problems and need help. I am a public figure an EMT for the local fire dept. I shouldn’t act like this. G*d help my behaviors and those I hurt.

Alexi Cruz, Pontiac, Michigan

Likes too cheat, lie,deny everything. Telling girls lies, uses them to have s*x. He has an addiction problem to s*x. Abuse, has a problem telling the truth. Has a problem dealing with his twisted mind, he also has sick minded thoughts about abusing girls, and does it. Be ware of this guy. Hes a two face sick minded guy.

Amy Meade Clark, Woodsfield, Ohio

Let me start by saying this w***e is the lowest, scum on earth. I have been trying for a while to post s***k on here so hopefully it works this time. I met my husband in 2011 and everything happened so fast that we really didn’t get a chance to know each other before we were married. It was love at first sight for both of us or at least I thought it was. The first few months everything was good and then the lies started..little ones at first then just became a habit for him I guess. Things became rocky and financially we were having trouble so we decided to pick up and move to Ohio to be near his family (at the time we lived in AR). Biggest mistake of my life. Fast forward to 2013. My husband started working for a timber company in Woodsfield Oh and that’s where he met Tony (Amy’s husband). At first, I didn’t really hang out with her or him till my husband and Tony became really good friends and started hanging out more..They started coming over on weekends and playing poker and just hanging out..well I started to talk to Amy more and more. We became really good friends or at least I was her friend (she was just plotting). December of 2013 my husband was put in jail and that was a really hard time for me, financially and mentally. I found out that my husband had been seeing another woman, also from Woodsfield (a whole different story) and I started confiding in Amy about what was going on. Big mistake on my part!!! Well, in April of 2014, the charges were dropped on my husband and he was released from the county jail. A few weeks passed and I started noticing how much Dale wanted to go to her house and hang out and then he would tell me he was going over there while I was working by himself and her husband wasn’t there, which was a big No, No!! I just started getting suspicious because the things i was telling her, my husband would come back and tell me things I had told her and asked to keep it between me and her. One weekend I had decided to go out to the bar with some friends from work and I asked my husband to go with me but he said he was tired and I should go have fun, so I did. I ended up getting really drunk that night and sometime during the night Amy and my husband had ended up at the bar with us so they took me home. Well, the next day I woke up and went to work and I get a text from her saying, I’m sorry but I slept with Dale last night (yup, in my own f*****g house, while I was passed out). Well, long story short I went to hunt them both down and ended up getting charges filed on me and my husband went back to jail for a parole violation in AR, so that’s where he is now. I did leave his a*s and I moved back to AR and to this day he still tries to get me to work things out but that’s over with. I’m done with lying, cheating, no good men. As far as that nasty b***h Amy Clark, apparently she’s still in search of more marriages to ruin. I am talking to an ex friend of her’s, as we speak, who tells me the exact same story about how Amy has tried to ruin her marriage but lucky for her she has a husband who isn’t a dog. She also has informed me of 3 other married men she’s slept with in the past few weeks..Better get your a***s checked for a STD, that b*****s p***y is rotten by now. Ladies of the Woodsfield and surrounding areas, hold on tight to your man when this hoe is around because she is deceitful and is on a mission to ruin as many marriages as she can. She’s a lonely, desperate kinda b***h. I’m not a beauty queen but I’m not desperate enough to go around sleeping with married men and trying to rip husbands away from their families. Take care of your 6 kids and stop being a hoe. Karma’s gonna get you and I hope I’m around to see it when she does.

Amy Meade Clark
Woodsfield, Ohio

Jimmy Simmons, Marion, North Carolina

I had been on a dating site and met this man. We spent almost three years together. I have discovered that he had been meeting women on I 40 in North Carolina. He is very sweet, handsome and a true charmer. I have come to the relaxation that he is a narcissist. He preys on women for a sexual addiction and their he checks women out on interstate makes eye contact and next thing you know he has you convinced of pulling over and putting on the charm and getting your phone number. Then over the next few weeks he indulges you with great conversation and the next thing you know is he has you feeling like you are very special to him and you are in bed with him and he is in your bank account.He has no emotional connection to anyone other than what he needs you to believe so he can get what he desires from you. Once you have him figured out he moves on to the next victim. He is also know for having a s*x triangle of 5 or more women at a time. You would never suspect it because his work keeps him traveling quiet often. That you its hard to keep track of where he is. He frequents strip joints. He even hooks up with casual encounters of all sorts on Craigslist. And I mean all sorts…. He is very smart and can deceive the smartest women. He has his game down to an art. He is a professional narcissist. Please be safe out there and do not fall victim to his deceit. He is very convincing.


Joe Eddins, Fort Worth, Texas

Joe Eddins is a complete lying Cheating piece of s**t!! Even when confronted with the truth, he would still try to lie. Lied about things he didn’t need to!! Compulsive liar!! Has NO STANDARDS in women or men!!! Did not matter what you looked like, fat, skinny, old or young, man or woman ….single or married …he will do you right there on the spot!!! I know of him doing women and men clear into their mid 60s and nailing young teenage boys. He does not care about anything but s*x and himself …and not even that much because he f****d whores he KNEW they had STDS did not give s**t!!!! As for love …he told me daily he loved me, but he isn’t capable of loving anyone but himself.

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