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Dennis Webb, Yukon, Oklahoma

Dennis Webb met J and her fiance J at a private social club for couples and singles to meet and talk. He uses the same lines on all club women – Here, take my phone number. Call me we will just talk. My wife and I know him hes tried that line on her. Hes used it on more women we know. He waits for calls and chases other women too at the same time. J was having some rough spots with her J they was good couple tho they just needed time to work on it. Dennis and Debbie were friends of J and J. J called Dennis he told her all nice things and living as his 2nd wife with him and his wife would be easy fun no worries no work like real relationship just easy fun. Dennis seduced her to him away from J (man). They started affair behind Js (man) back with meetings for s*x. J lies when J asked if it was affair, says No. But J walked out told J (man) was all his fault, ran off for s*x at Dennis and wife house in guest room with wife in house! Two days later she was at local resort hotel with him for 3 days. Dennis and wife broke a good couple in J and J. Dennis and wife want J to move in as a second wife for Dennis. J wants to do it! They all spread a story that she will be roommate but she will be a sister-wife to main wife Debbie. Now they all go to private social club together but Debbie gets has to leave early at the Nov 15 one and at the Dec 15 one Debbie had to leave before JL showed up to hang all over club DJ Dennis until 2AM. They all share 1 room at the motel where the private social club meets. We were there we saw it all. The next one is Dec 27 and we will watch. J is all confused shes lying to her family her daughters her Dad and her sister. J believes Dennis loves her and will quit other women for her. Hes told her that he will Divorce his wife Debbie for her but he didn’t tell Debbie that yet. J could lose her dream job if it all gets out. But she loves Dennis and stays out there all 3 of them weekends and more. They phone every day she says for more than 1 hour. We don’t know if his wife Debbie knows how deep they are but she knows Dennis loves J and J loves Dennis. Dennis just uses women as s*x toys he uses one as long as she lets him until she gets smarter. We say hes a 58 year old w***e who don’t use condoms. Be careful he gets around lots. Dennis Webb and Debbie have weird marriage. He runs a business sets his own hours to meet women. We don’t like the lies from every one. This is real bad for the club people.

Robert Kersey, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Robert Kersey is a cheater. He lies to his wife. Robert Kersey is in the Army and has a wife and two young girls. He had an affair with a woman who has two small children and an Army husband. They took pictures and videos of them having s*x and even when the affair was discovered they continued to sneak off and see each other. The husband is retiring from the Army due to all the dram it created in his career, the wife left with the children and lives in another state. Mr. Cheater stands to lose his entire career and obviously hurt his family as well…You don’t get much worse than this guy! The two of them are very selfish and only think of themselves…I feel bad for the children.

Carol Wheeler, Centerville, Ohio

Carol Wheeler was a bad w***e. Always cheating and w***e around. She wasnt a good lay. Just laid there and wasnt up to do anything but that. Didnt like b**t play or anything else. this sick nasty old w***e is trying to spreed herpes in Centerville, Ohio and her p***y is blowed out. She also runs a scam business its called KC marketing

Suan Hart Mack, Boca Raton, Florida

She a f*****g s**t , and shouldn’t be trusted, to get ahead Susan has done sexual favors on the owner of the company that she is employed at. She willingly flaunts this to others. She has gotten promotion after promotion, for doing the minimum amount of work. She knows she is protected because of her special relationships and uses that to her advantage so that she abuse her power over others. Most of her escapades have occurred on business trips. She loves to share the details. Due to her special relationships with the owners of the company, she feels she is untouchable. But if she is willing to mess around with married men at work just to get ahead, you know she will be willing to do anything.

Lucien Powell, Dover, Delaware

The irony of a Godly man being a cheater and hypocrite is pathetic. Lucien Powell has cheated on every female that he has ever been involved with. There is his 1st Baby Mom, whom he knocked up at 16 years old (he was 18 yrs old). His 2nd Baby Mom/ex-wife, who he married, but still ran around on for over 2 years. Then multiple girlfriends and other encounters. He swears that the one, but he wants to marry everyone, buy them cars and give them children, but he doesn’t believe in shared custody (he wants his children as crazy as him) so if you have slept with him, consider not telling him if you ever get that sign and if this doesn’t make you want to run for the hills than keep in mind that his d**k is small , he doesn’t know what to do with it and in a worst-case-scenario, swallow to avoid any real issues. If you have any love or respect for yourself, Just steer clear of him because remember, aside from child support and wild family members, there are crazier women on his coat tail.

Christopher Monaghan

Christopher Paul Monaghan (born 12/9/1987) is a scammer, con artist, catfisher, and pathological liar. He will ruin your finances, social life, and family relationships if you let him. Then, once he can fool you no longer he will leave you high and dry to pick up the pieces.

His #1 tactic for luring women in is lying about having wealth or having an imminent windfall. Do not believe anything he says, especially when it comes to money. He will always have an excuse as to why the money is not there or the check didn’t clear.

His modus operandi is putting up a dating profile online, meeting a woman, conning her into letting him stay with her at her house under false pretenses, then draining her finances and leeching off of her until she puts an end to it. Then the cycle starts anew with another unsuspecting woman.

Don’t take my word for it. Do a simple background check, call any and all phone numbers associated with him. Anyone that knows him will tell you the same.

Here’s a real world example:

From Hot Springs Daily

The finance manager of Orr Cadillac located on Central Avenue stated that on May 22, suspect Christopher Monaghan, 26 of Hot Springs, entered the dealership and purchased a red 2013 Jeep Wranger in the amount of $38,500. He wrote a check for the vehicle and took possession of it that day.
On April 8, the complainant learned that Monaghan’s checking account had an insufficient balance to cover the check. When Monaghan was contacted regarding the balance, he stated he would put the money into his account that day. Detective Wacaster spoke with Monaghan by phone on May 14 and was told Monaghan would immediately make arrangements with Orr Cadillac to make sure they received the funds. As of May 16, Monaghan has not deposited the money and is no longer answering phone calls or returning messages. Monaghan was charged with theft of property and assigned a court date for June 24.


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