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Leslie Blair Reames Texas / Georgia

A lovely little tale of a homewrecking w***e named Leslie Blair Reames. She attempted to break up my marriage not once, but twice. She met my husband on a flight, where they started chatting about their common interest in running. They swapped Facebook information (big mistake) and the next thing I know she started commenting on his photos on Facebook of his activities and our kids. My husband and I were not in a great place in our marriage. The usual ups and downs. We were on a down and that’s when this vulture swooped in. General chats turned into flirting… Flirting turned into sexting… Sexting turned into date nights when my husband was flying to TX for ‘work’… After seeing too many comments and posts from her, I became suspicious. So I asked my husband who she was… His reaction told me everything…I didn’t say anything… But that night I logged into his email account, and there I found the first email from her… Naked… And a quote… “Thinking of you…” My husbands response? “Thank you baby. I’m always thinking of you too…” Needless to say, I was devastated. I had never even considered the possibility of my husband cheating on me. With two kids and nearly 10 years of marriage… I guess I thought I was in the safe zone… WRONG! So after the initial confrontation with my husband… We both called her, and after having a few choice words to say to her, my final warning was “My husband and I are NEVER going to hear from you again, are we” It wasn’t really a question. So… Silly me thought that was that. She’d been caught and confronted. Oh, and did I mention she’s also married with young children? Yeah…. So… My husband and I go back to the counselling, where he was promising to make it up to me for he rest of our lives… Goes away to work for a few weeks, and comes back saying he wants a divorce… Wtf? Turns out they never stopped talking despite BOTH of them yapping on about how sorry they were and how it was so wrong and they’ve realized their mistake. So… Fast forward through me doing anything and everything I can to try and save my marriage. At a loss to know why my husband seems so reluctant to even try to work on things…. It was heartbreaking! Then all of a sudden the light dawns. I got a phonecall from HER husband…. Who proceeded to tell me about the relationship that they had been having for the last few months… Including my husband flying her to GA, staying at hotels, going to baseball games, trips to Stone Mountain… All while they BOTH knew how much my heart was aching while my marriage was falling apart. Spreading her legs seems to be a bit of an issue… Turns out my husband is not the first guy she has cheated on her husband with. So her husband shares the information with me that he has gathered… Meanwhile she has come clean with him and is begging him to reconsider divorcing her. Ha! Thank goodness he’s had enough of her….So… After talking with my husband… It turns out he was going to tell me everything and ask for my forgiveness even if her husband hadn’t called… Because he wants his family back… As of right now… I am working on if I can forgive him, and how… She is about to be served divorve papers…. And that is what I like to call Karma… She did her best not once but twice, to destroy my family… Her evil lies… Her attempts to drag my husband away from me and the kids didn’t work. Oh… And did I mention? The WHOLE time she was messing around with my husband…. she was texting me to say how sorry she was… how she would never do something like this again… and to PLEASE forgive him.I really was not aware that someone this evil and devious existed. You would have thought catching them the first time would have been warning enough… Nope! They continued and made it all even worse. Her poor husband…. I’m just glad he has seen the light…. and will be getting rid of her ugly w***e a**e for good. So she didn’t end up with her husband, she didn’t end up with my husband… I thought long and hard about whether I was going to expose this w***e… but as I had already warned her about doing this last time, when I first caught them… and she decided to continue to pursue my husband, making it even worse…. yep… checkmate b***h!!!

Christine Castellano, Brooklyn, New York

This woman Cheated on Her First Husband With Her Father in law… I Should Have Read The Signs Before I Married Her!! But Stupid Me Was Blind With Love Until She Did The Same Thing To Me…. With My Stepfather… Gross!!! She Preys On Old People With Her Charm S*x Appeal Trying To Inherit their Wealth… Sick w***e!! She Did This Right After My Mother Died, Then Worked On Him Until He Died 7 Months Later, Now He Left Her $350,000 Pension In His Will.. And I Filed For DIVORCE… What A Piece Of s**t!!!

Lara Walleston, Dedham, Massachusetts

My husband and I have been married 14 year and have 2 kids. Lara was messing around with my husband when he was cheating with another girl Tara. I confronted Lara by phone last year in October where she proceeded to say that she didn’t know he was married and that he told her he was divorced. She apologized constantly and stated that she was divorced because her husband cheated on her also. That she was on the other end of the phone call. I actually at that moment respected her thinking she was better than that because she was so apologetic. A couple of weeks after that my husband filed for a divorce. They have continued to see each other and have now moved in with each other in (Middleboro, MA). My husband is military which also goes against their code of conduct.

She has ruined not just my life but my kids also. He puts her before the kids and never makes any time to see them. She is an Anatomy/Physiology and Biology teacher at (Removed) in Walpole, Massachusetts. She portrays that she cares about her students but obviously lacks morals and integrity to break up a home. She didn’t want to share her time with my husband during the summer so she made him request that he not get them more than 2 weeks during the summer. He doesn’t even call his kids or even request visitation. There’s obviously so much more information to this story of being married to this narcissist. But I’ve just had enough of her!

Brittni Andrews, Nebraska

This woman is ruthless!! And I know my husband is to blame as well. I got a message from her on September 4. She told me that her and my husband were planning on meeting up that night. I was 4 months pregnant and she knew I was. She told me they had been talking since August and that it was just friends at first but she loved my husband. Mind you I’m pregnant and emotional already. I confronted my husband and he swore she was just a friend. Than the truth came out when she started forwarding me messages between the 2 of them. I kicked him out but it only lasted 3 days because I knew I couldn’t afford a baby on my own. He told her to leave him alone he wanted his marriage to work. Didn’t hear a word from her for a month then in October she started messaging him asking how he could do that to her wanting an explanation. This woman is bat s**t crazy!! My husband showed me all the messages so I asked her nicely to stay away from my family or I would make her life h**l. 2 days ago my husband tells me she is trying to talk to him again! So here is my revenge. She is a nurse at the hospital in Kearney and I will admit she is pretty but d**n find your own man.

Amelia Ladd, New Hampshire

I started to notice something wasn’t right when my boyfriend wasn’t coming home at night. I would question what he was doing and he always replied with I’m staying at a friends house so we could ride together for work. Then the weekend would come and it was the same story, hes staying the weekend with a friend because of work. I truly believed every story he gave me, after all we were engaged and I’ve never had a reason not to trust him before. Then one night he forgot his cell phone at home and all of a sudden a suspicion kicked in and I decided to have a little peek. I noticed someone texting him “I miss you”. The name was only titled as A so I decided to give this number a call. The call went to voicemail and I heard a girls voice and the name Amelia. I was determined to get a hold of this girl and find out why she was texting my man so I called back until she picked up the phone. When this w***e finally picked up I asked her how she knows my boyfriend and why was she texting him? She stated that she was dating him for almost a month then says he’s sitting right here would you like to speak to him? My boyfriend got on the phone and hung up on me. As I proceeded to call back numerous time with no success I turned back to his phone and continued reading the text messages. This dirty w***e was asking my boyfriend if he came inside of her the night before. Obviously this girl will let any guy raw dog her since she barely knew him and was letting him hit it raw “nasty”. They discussed giving each other body massages under candle light which was something we always did together. He took her to see one of my favorite movies that we spoke about watching together. The morning after finding out about this affair he came home and promised me he would never speak to her again and confused he spent the night with her that very night I found out. This w***e knew about me and still had him sleeping at her house. He said that she came to our home to pick him up whenever they spent time together. She brought him to meet her parents. Who lets a man meet their parents while they know that person is in a relationship with another woman? He ended things with this s**t but she wouldn’t let it go, she kept calling him to try to meet up and work things out. No b***h you’re the other woman! He had to delete his FB account because the hoe wouldn’t stop writing to him. We had to block her number so she couldn’t contact him anymore. This girl is a nightmare! She is on POF searching for a new lover to raw dog her and she stated on the site that her longest relationship was under 9 months lmao well ladies the old saying is true! ” you cant turn a hoe into a house wife” Her screen name on POF is “onebigmonkeywrench” so if you ladies know any desperate men looking for a s**t to raw dog then hit her up.

Ashlee Anderson, Surrey, British Columbia

Ashlee Anderson met a man at her place of employment. She kept in touch with him as a friend for some time but when things started to develop she left her relationship, moved to Surrey B.C and within weeks was dating a married man. She was careful not to disturb the marriage so that it could end by his doing. She could see on his social media that he was married yet did not post a happy birthday or even liked any photos. But, she got sloppy. She posted about going for a drive – the same time he went for a drive. She went with him to pick up furniture at the co-worker of his cousin who then saw this cheater in the front seat and knew – THAT’S NOT HIS WIFE. She had no problem waiting for the man to get as much money, time, whatever he wanted out of the wife. She would text her undying love to him at night while his wife was sleeping. She would have s*x with him before he even told the wife he was leaving her. She knowingly lied and deceived. She has two kids. She lives in South Surrey. Don’t let this woman near your men!!!!! Evil, black hearted witch.

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