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Rebecca Improto, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Improto is a known cheater. She confuses “different levels of love” – meaning its ok to cheat on her husband – as long as the level of love is appropriate. Maybe she should let her husband in on that theory. By the way – “different levels of love” is HER term –

She’s a disgusting excuse for a married woman. Fake through and through and a liar – all makes for one ugly human being.

I hope she gets what she deserves.

She’s a s***.

Jeff Morris, Victoria, Australia

Jeff Morris had an affair with the Human Resources woman that he worked with. Nobody would have given a s**t except that when people complained to her about Jeff, she told him and then Jeff fired them. That company lost some good operators because of that low act. If they didn’t complain about Jeff they would still be there. low, low, low.

Jennifer L Montoya, Cameron, Missouri

Jennifer is a sorry excuse for a girlfriend. She was with this older man rick who was supporting her paying her bills provided her with a place to live and he wasent even living there with her and her 4 kids. She treated him like dirt and only wanted him around on paydays. The b***h took his money and made him leave only a day or 2 later then as soon as he was forced out by some ready made excuse for something he really didnt do she would bring one of her guy friends over to have s*x with and would actually keep them around if possible until right up to the time he would return. This broad has no sense of guilt or shame and left him after a yr for some meth dealer. She is one of the biggest whores and liars there is.

Maggie Hord, Arizona

So two years ago while still living in my old home, I befriended this girl named maggie…she told me that this friend of hers she was living with was basically using her for a maid and how horrible it was and how she wanted to go get a real job and move out and start a whole new life and how her mother mistreated her and how she came in second place to her little brother all the my boyfriend and i helped move her out of that other neighbors house when she got accused of hurting the neighbors small child..and because my boyfriend was still in the middle of his divorce (a four yr one and we\’d been together for three years) he had a separate apt. Well so she moved over there and i lived there too unless he had his kids because of issues..long story not pertaining to this one….. So she in the end convinced my guy to sleep with her that i didn\’t know bout and he felt stupid and tried to talk to her bout it and how he wanted them to come clean you see because she had told me that she wanted to date me(I\’m bi) and in the end she was really after my man. And she also told my best friend that i was abusing her and so was my guy and that we were horrible and mean and using her..(sound familiar yet?) And so you left the apt and moved to live with my best friend and her hubby(i\’m betting that she slept with him too to be honest) and in the end she ran to San diego and slept with countless other men there..and now she is running to Az because he is kicking her out.

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